Game-fi and social-fi airdrop

3 Dec 2023

Most game-fi are always hard and the mobile ones are way too data consuming but have you heard of imaginary ones?
It launched a game called bubble rangers than you can download on playstore and it has dozens of NFT right now.

If you're a fan of subway surfer, then bubble rangers should be a breeze for you. It has almost the same concept but what makes bubble rangers unique is that you can actually earn from it.
Imaginary ones NFT are being bought as high as 1 ETHEREUM and it has recently made known that it will be launching its own native token with the name $BUBBLE

So how do you position yourself for possible AIRDROP of $BUBBLE?

Download bubble rangers on playstore
No one knows whether the coins will be used for the $bubble airdrop or the Gems.

Follow their token page on X(formerly Twitter)

Follow their official page

Keep playing the game everyday and stack up more coins everyday. All actions will be rewarded with $bubbles. You can also buy their NFT on opensea and stake it. Check out their page, explore for more info about this project.

This project has a lotta potential so don't miss it.

A lotta social-fi has been coming out more lately but this one recently launched yesterday and I just felt like sharing it to ya so you won't miss out on it.
The name of this social-fi is BEOBLE.

Beoble Official is a Web3 messaging and social platform that secures wallet-to-wallet communication, they raised 2M in a pre-seed round, it's the WhatsApp for web 3.
To get started, register through this link and use to my referral link to get access to it.
Paste this link on your trust wallet browser or okx browser.

Input my referral code to gain access


It will be launching its own token with the name $cat which will be decided by how many points you have.
You can check out this twitter thread by FORTIZO for more explanation on it.

This is all the missions you need you do to earn more $cat. You can still earn more after completing the missions by being active(chatting in groups and join groups).
● By engaging on Bubble, you can earn points for various activities like chatting, logging in, sending reactions, & more
● Additionally, certain actions like referrals will grant you extra points.
● Accumulating these points ensures you future rewards/airdrops.
The higher your points, the higher your $cat allocations so it's advisable to stack up more points.

In conclusion, game-fi and social-fi are the futures of web3 as we know it and active participation in any will guarantee you rewards.
Drop your thoughts in the comment section.

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