Old vs new videogames

20 Jul 2022

With modern day PC specs and gaming engines, current date video games have incredibly high end graphics which are so close to perfect they almost look realistic. Back in the 90's or early 2000's games had very basic graphics and in general a more simplistic visual look as the development of the gaming industry was much less back then.

Newer games that have better graphics and a more 'aesthetic' or up to date UI (User interface) should be more appealing to players right? For some games this may be the case, however for others I do believe that having insanely realistic graphics and a fancy UI can sometimes ruin the theme or vibe of a videogame. For instance a classic RPG games like Elder scrolls is a game series in which the setting takes place many hundreds of years ago, to where technology was non existent, combat and trading was all done following the medieval timeline. 

Oblivion IV and Skyrim are very good examples within the series to compare for this topic. Oblivion IV, by it's name is the fourth game released in the series and has low-medium standard of graphics as it was released a while ago. The UI/menu/inventory was all very simplistic and the schematic of it all was on a parchment background. Very very very fitting style and theme for the setting of this type of game. Even though the graphics were not perfect, and the UI was not overwhelming fancy, everything fit amazingly. 
Skyrim is the fifth game in this series and as it had a much later release date, a lot of the specs and visuals were much much higher. The graphics were better and the world seemed more realistic. However, this came at the cost of the authenticity of the game as it was still in a setting many hundreds of years ago. The timeline had not changed much, but all of a sudden this game felt so much more futuristic. Alongside with this, the UI took on a completely different visual appearance, no more parchment but the UI was a lot fancier with different tabs for item types, a more complex visually passives tree, and just everything overall looking like it was themed for a different kind of game. 

While I enjoyed the content more of Skyrim as it had better quest lines and variability in it's gameplay, I will forever love the overall theme and representation of oblivion over Skyrim just because of it's authenticity and keeping the visuals fitting for the setting of the game.

I'm not an expert on many other games but with this as just an example, I can confidently say that the obsession of looks and visuals of modern day video games often ruin the authenticity and enjoyability for some genres of games.

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And then there is older again. Some of the games in the 80s were very basic but still a lot of Fun