Top 5 Crypto Faucets in December 2022

14 Dec 2022

In my search for valid ways to earn crypto, I came across the idea of crypto faucets early on in my research. There's a lot of commentary out there about whether or not crypto faucets in general are worth the time and effort. After evaluating about a dozen or so faucet websites and apps over the last couple of months, I've compiled a list of what I consider to be the top crypto faucets that give the best return on your time investment. Below are my top five earners for the last month, as well as others that I'm still considering for future inclusion in my recommendations.

(Disclaimer: this post contains some affiliate links that may give the writer and/or the user bonuses for using the services mentioned below.)


Currently, CoinPayU is my top-paying faucet for time and effort spent. In addition to utilizing the four free faucets each hour, I also view all of the available Surf Ads and Window Ads each day - usually totaling to about 50+ ads. Over the last few weeks, I've been averaging a payout every seven days. CoinPayU also offers one of the largest variety of crypto withdrawal options, so it's easy to pick and choose which tokens you'd like to focus on collecting.


FaucetCrypto is another site where I focus mainly on the hourly faucet plus the paid ads. FaucetCrypto also has a decent amount of crypto options to choose from, but some of the options are frequently under maintenance or sold out. Still, I manage to request a payout roughly every three days, and payments arrive swiftly.

Global Hive

Global Hive has a much different approach to faucets - the site only offers ZEC, but it's a very simple, once-a-day faucet that is sent almost immediately to your crypto wallet. So even though it's not a large payout, it's incredibly easy to just check in once a day and then forget it until the next.

M&L Prod. Earn Suite of Apps

So far I've mentioned my top three website-based faucets, but I also have had good results with the four faucet apps offered by M&L Prod.: Earn Bitcoin CashEarn DashEarn Dogecoin, and Earn Litecoin. With casual use of the hourly spins, daily claims, and additional ad-sponsored spins, I usually make enough in each app to get a payout every other Sunday.


The faucets are only one small part of the PipeFlare website and suite of apps, but for the sake of this review, I'd include it's faucets as similar options to the Global Hive faucet. PipeFlare has one faucet for ZEC that pays out to your wallet every few days, plus two more faucets for MATIC and 1FLR that have higher withdrawal limits. Still, these faucets all reset roughly once a day, so it's another easy set of check-it-and-forget faucets to use.

Other Crypto Faucets to Consider

When I posted an earlier version of this article and shared it with my friends on Torum, I had a few suggestions and questions about specific faucets that I didn't choose to rank at this time. Ultimately, I don't want to rank any get-paid-to site or application until I've personally received a payout. However, there are a couple of other faucet apps and sites that I'm using and hoping to receive a payout from soon:


Cointiply is one of the first faucet apps I installed. Like many of the sites mentioned above, I tend to only focus on the free rolls every hour and the PTC ads that refresh throughout the day. Cointiply also has bonus missions that give more points at certain milestones, as well as promo codes that can be found via social media and email. Even though I haven't personally made a withdrawal yet, I'm very close and hope to have an update for my readers soon!

Final Faucet

I'm still a bit on the fence about Final Faucet. My biggest complaint is that it is by far the most ad-heavy faucet site I use currently - and it forces you to use a browser without ad blockers, too. The redeeming factor for this site is that there's actually two faucets. One faucet is for you roll for the in-site token, Dutchy, that you can use to select a huge variety of crypto options. The second faucet changes each month (many times by site users' votes) to a specific token. Currently, I'm very close to being able to qualify for a withdrawal by focusing on claiming the token-of-the-month, combined with using my Dutchy on that same token only.


The faucets listed above work well in regards to my daily routine, but your results may vary. Are there any crypto faucet websites or apps out there that you'd recommend? If so, I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!

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