22 May 2023

In the realm of friendship's sacred bond,
Where solace and strength truly correspond,
There dwells a gem, a cherished soul,
Unwavering support, a friend named
Unwana, I extol.

Through life's labyrinthine twists and turns,
She walks beside me, the beacon brightly burns,
A comforting presence, a steady guide,
In her warm embrace, all fears subside.

In darkest hours, when shadows creep,
Unwana's light casts doubts to sleep,
Her words a balm, like gentle rain,
Soothing my heartache, erasing every strain.

She listens, with empathy profound,
A heart so kind, in friendship she's crowned,
Through laughter and tears, we share our tales, Unwana's compassion, an anchor that never fails.

In celebration, she's my cheerleader true,
With joyful fervor, she helps dreams come through, With every triumph, her joy echoes mine,
Together we rise, in harmony we shine.

Her unwavering faith, a steadfast wall,
When life's tempest rages, she won't let me fall,
Her belief in me, an unwritten creed,
With Unwana by my side, I can conquer any deed.

In gentle whispers or boisterous cheer,
In moments of doubt or when skies are clear,
Unwana's friendship, a resplendent hue,
An unwavering bond, forever tried and true. So here's to Unwana, a friend so rare, With her unwavering support, life's burdens we share, Through the tapestry of friendship we weave, Bound by love and trust, our spirits forever cleave.

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