My top 5 favourite players of all time

27 Jun 2022

There have been over 4000 players to play in the NBA and here are my top 5 favourite 

At number 5. I have Stephen curry, as a fan for the golden state warriors and him winning another championship for the association this contributes to my favourite player list drastically.

At number 4. I have Vince carter, the way he dunks the basketball and how athletic he is amazes me. I would recommend watching some of his dunking highlights.

At number 3 I have Kobe Bryant, his mentality coming into the NBA was like nothing we had seen before, he was very cocky at rightfully so because he proved that he could play. He’s 81 point game is was really closed the deal on why he is number 3.

At number 2 I have Allen Iverson, he was small fast and new how too put the ball it the hoop his first game against Michael Jordan he crossed him up and scored. He was a very talented player and although he did not win a ring he is still in the Hall Of Fame

At number one I have the goat himself Michael Jordan, he was the best to ever play the game and the greatest scorer of all time. He will go down as one of the best sports man to ever live.

who are your 5 favourite players 

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