Law of UX - 04

8 Sept 2022

Do you want to guess what the fourth law of UX is? Well, not to bother you, just read on to learn about the fourth Law of UX.

The fourth law of UX is the Goal - Gradient Effect. This law states that the tendency for a person to approach a goal increases with proximity to the goal.

This simply means that, when a user is approaching the end of the task, He or She tends to work harder to just finish up the task.

For example, when an athlete approaches the finish line, HE or she uses His or Last energy to reach there faster and by all means.

To apply this principle to user experience, it is necessary for a UX designer to include artificial progress bars to a task, this will have its way of motivating a user to finish a task.

Also, the indication of progress must be clear and visible 

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Additionally, the signs of progress must be unmistakable and obvious.
These law are definitely not to be omitted when ever a good design is to be implemented. Thanks for sharing
I see why the use of progress bars is rampant in our today's world. So they have just been applying the goal-gradient effect on every one of us. This law should probably be the most applied law. Thanks for sharing
Thanks for the UX tips you keep sharing. Very very practical 😉 and applies for almost all designs that require progress
Hoping for the best
To achieve a perfect design, this law and the rest must be obeyed