Farmers Markets #3: Vote your veAERO and veVELO

19 May 2024

If you aren't familiar with the veTOKEN model then check out my explainer post about this on Bulb

If you want to know more about the analysis here see my post on Bulb

Voting veVELO - Epoch 103

See Dune Dashboard for Epoch details
Velodrome Vote:
Optimism Block Explorer
Birdseye token explorer
Velodrome Epoch Dune dashboard

Epoch 102 rewards

How I voted
Pool address

How it ended up

Unfortunately the Optimism chain was having moment and couldn't properly estimate prices. We ended up pretty much exactly at the same amount of money we'd estimated for.
We'll be hanging onto $RING. Price chart has been looking pretty good.

Who I'm voting my veVELO for this epoch

Here's who I'm voting forPool address

Here's how I'm voting

Assessing the rewards

Not much to assess. We've just gone with the LP with the highest fees, which has two very mainstream tokens: Circle's bridged $USDC and $VELO. It's already got a lot of votes and whilst I would expect those to increase I wouldn't expect them to increase massively.

Those high vAPRs....

Not much of a story this time, more a PSA on doing your basic due diligence.

This isn't anything dodgy about $USDC.e or $USDT it's just there are 257 votes in total on this LP currently. That's really nothing.
We have a very modest veVELO lock and we have nearly 4.5K votes alone.
Luckily Velodrome (and Aerodrome) show you clearly how the vAPR is arrived out right there on the web portal.

Voting veAERO - Epoch 38

Aerodrome Rewards:
Aerodrome Voting
Base Block Explorer
Birdseye Token Explorer
Aerodrome Epoch Dune dashboard

Epoch 38 rewards

How I voted

My voting rewards

How it ended up

So we were pretty close. ~$6 became ~$5.
I'll keep $TN100x as I can track it on Coingecko. As well as $L2VE, which I somehow ended up with some of...

Who I'm voting my veAERO for this epoch

This epoch I'm voting forPool address

This is the way I'm voting

Assessing the rewards

$AERO of course doesn't need any explanation. The other two tokens I've actually voted for before. For a full explanation see my Farmers Markets #1 post

We'll briefly catch up with how they've faired since we voted for them a couple of weeks ago.



Those high vAPRs....

This epoch's special mention goes to $ROOST.
Both of them.

It's really easy to look at this chart and say: "memecoin in the process of rugging, same old same old."

But what you're actually looking at above is the old token. The project has very recently done a token migration ( and are in the process of rotating the old tokens out of the market.

Suffice to say it's not gone swimmingly. But these things never do when they're handled by inexperienced people rushing to launch memecoins (which what this lot definitely seem like reading through their X account).

Over to you

Where are you voting your veAERO and veVELO this epoch?
Let me know in the comments!

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