Whom I love

11 Feb 2023

She is the love of my life and the reason I continue to live.
She is all I could ever want.

I give her my heart.
It's for that special someone.

I write these lines to express my gratitude for always being my wife and greatest friend.

She has the determination to live until her dying breath.
She is filled with affection, and she has so many wonderful memories to cherish.

She is my morning sunshine, my sky star, and if I ever lost her, I would undoubtedly pass away.

Regardless of what happens, she never leaves my side.
Every day, she soothes me with her unwavering affection.

She bears numerous burdens, and occasionally her heart is broken.
By all the compliments she never receives and all the unsaid comments.

I am aware that she does not live her own life.
I constantly come out as desperate, and when I ask her to do one more thing, I feel incredibly ungrateful.

How am I ever going to repay her for everything she has done for me?
I can only give her my entire heart and my unending love.

I'm hoping that when the time comes and she sees God in person, He will let her know that she has a special place in Heaven.

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