You only need to look

26 Nov 2022

When my day is going south and I cannot see a way out, I merely need to look around.
Everything is swirling around me.

It is soaring on the wind.
together with the rain, falling.
All of my discomfort is relieved as it approaches with soft ease.

And then I start to feel something starting from within.
Then, suddenly, it roars in, filling every opening and crevice.

I must let it out because it is rising within of me.
Guilt, fear, and doubt are being washed away like a thundering tide.

It is rushing through my body and thoughts like a bullet.
The reins are barely in my hands.
It continues to get stronger.

Because today is my lucky day, it has taken me away with a great smile on my face.
I'm traveling to a pretty unique location.

Soon everything spills out, enabling me to do miracles.
Things I was unaware of and mistakes I'd generally consider.

It takes me quickly at first, then slowly.
the sound of a hare fleeing in terror or an arrow shooting through the air.

Unfortunately, the end is near, and the final note is sincere.
delivering a lovely message
To both you and I.

This note has helped us form a bridge.
to an amazing blissful place.
Where the message's contents are consistently demonstrated to be as follows:

You're surrounded by music.
You just need to locate it.
And once you do, I guarantee that your efforts will be rewarded.

And while anyone might idle away their life by sitting still, a person who enjoys music can never live in such a way.


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