Who is Darkseid

11 Jun 2022

Darkseid is most powerful supervillain in DC comics who has a lot of superhuman strength , stamina and powers.He is son of Yuga Khan who is only afraid of. He is mostly known for his Omega effect powers. He used it blasts it from his eyes. Unlike others beams and rays this is too powerful and it can bend at any angles not only straight lines controlled by his wills. So, it's way more dangerous as he can control this omega beams in any direction and amy angles.

He has great and can solos almost everyone in DC universe. He belongs to NewGod in Darkseid has turned almost planet to dust to search for antilife equation . Antilife equation helps him to control over everyone with his will .
In movie in DC universe he has been featured in Justice league.He has almost known about location of antilife equation .

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