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10 Jan 2023

📰 9pm tonight 10/01, Fed Chairman Powell will have a speech on the Fed's policy.

📰 10 INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES in 2023, compiled from hundreds of reports of major funds.

📰 Logan Paul Apologizes to Coffeezilla Amidst Fallout Over NFT Project.

📰 There are about 117 parties interested in acquiring 4 FTX companies: LedgerX, Embed, FTX Japan and FTX Europe.

📰 Huobi Korea cut ties with Huobi Global after a series of controversies.

📰 GALA soars 68% after announcing partnership with Star Dwayne Johnson - The Rock.

📰 DOJ Seizes $470 Million in Robinhood Shares From FTX Executives.

📰 Coinbase Dismisses 950 People Citing Current Economic Climate.

📰 Bitcoin Maintains Above $17K, Aptos Skyrockets 40% Daily.

📰 Crypto Funding in 2022 Down Over 40% Compared to 2021: CoinGecko.

📰 Founder Cardano is about to launch a hospital that accepts ADA payments.

📰 Layer 1 Flare announces airdrop for users after 2 years of waiting.

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