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8 Feb 2023

At least once in our lives, we've had one game, series or movie where the tail end of the content has been reached and it leaves the consumer wanting more. In this particular case it happens more in movies or TV shows where we are left at a cliff hanger and are absolutely dying for a continuation. In the context of video games, another game in that series will be announced being in progress or even for a soon release date which gets all of the users super excited.
However, all of this comes at a cost. With great anticipate comes great expectation comes a large room for disappointment if not executed properly. In some cases it is almost inevitable that there will be disappointed. It could be due to the fact that the original was something so close to perfect that nothing could be better, or that the expectations from the hype have gotten so great that it is practically impossible to create something that could meet the standard.
I see this happen all the time especially in videogames where an expansion pack is released or a very long in the waiting new series of a game is announced, and by the time it rolls around, there is nothing but pure disappointment. In videogames it often leads to an immediate loss in user interest or in movies it can really affect the expected profit which may even end up at a loss if the movie was expected to be a hit.
I think this puts a lot of pressure on developers since it is a very common and known concept. An example is Blizzards Diablo IV which was in it's early development in the year 2014. That is currently 8-9 years of anticipated development in which Diablo fans have been eagerly waiting for an estimated release date. The day for that has finally come and is expected to be released in June 2023. However, for a company as famous and as rich as Blizzard being notorious for their popular RPGs alongside with World of Warcraft, an absolutely huge expectation has been set for Diablo IV. It's hard to say what the experience will be like until the game comes out but I can say for sure a lot are inevitably going to be disappointed just because of how high the bar and how much hunger there is for a new concept within the current Diablo enjoyers.

Comment on what games/movies you guys have felt this way about because I could definitely think of a lot of shows/movies =D

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