Predestination : A movie must to watch.

16 Jul 2022

Predestination was released in 2004 and now it has now 7.4 IMDB ratings , pretty good and 84% on rotten tomatoes. This movies science fiction and thriller. Ok. let's talk only here not about every details but why should we watch this movies. 
In this movie, in short we can say that there is some agency which have a time machine. With these time machine , it usaually send it's agent back in time so that most of the dangerous threats and accidents happened in the past could be stopped by them. 
In story we found a abnormal boy in orphanage, a barkeeper and the unmarried mother in city, a villian in a city who wants to destroy it and a agent who is on a mission to stop it.
As in most story of time travel movies , for what you have been travelled to stops, actually you became a part of it's happening . But after watching movie , you will found how all these character mentioned a boy , mother , barkeeper, agent and villian are related. So, it's good movie to watch on a screen rather than reading each screen details.

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I have not seen this movie but the description is great and thinking this is something that I will add to my playlist. I also see the other comments acknowledging this would be a good movie to watch
I enjoyed it. Time travel is very intriguing
I loved this movie from the good. That's very nice movie. I suggest everyone should watch this movie at least once in their life
Rajat Dhariwal
I like these type of movie because of concept they use , i think this movie is not for everyone but most of the people who like to watch sci-fi based movies they enjoyed and i enjoyed it too.
In our real life, there is no time travel so, we can't see such type of movies that shows our life travel back in time. I recommend to all only see the real story based movies that helps to improve our knowledge and motivation 👍🔥