sport psychology

21 Feb 2023

There are many different ways to use sport psychology to get an advantage over the opponent and is something that is not used very often and as i have done some researching I'm wondering why it does not get talked about enough.

Study shows that getting yourself into a routine is a good mental strategy to use because it creates good habits and doing it everyday before a sporting event gets your mind ready for the game. for example listening to the same song before every game for a year as you keep doing it your mind will know that its time to switch on.

some athletes like to meditate before their game so their mind is clear and they can focus more on the task at hand (the sport event). Another big mental strategy for sport is visualization and imagery, athletes do this by playing sport scenarios in their head of them succeeding and study shows that it can increase your improvement by 24%. And athlete that did this very well was Kobe Bryant when his body was tired he spend time imagining the game for the next day.


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