Benefits of sun bathing

21 Sept 2022

Can you guess that one important habit of a healthy lifestyle that no one talks about? 🤷🏻‍♀️

It’s taking in sunlight !☀️

Sunlight is as important for our human body as it is for a plant! 🌿

Sunlight is a biological need for us humans, and without it, our bodies fall prey to many deficiencies and diseases 🦠

This simple habit of sunbathing can help you
👉Increase blood circulation
👉Boost digestion & hunger
👉Fight fungal and bacterial infections
👉Remove toxins from your body
👉Improve your skin health

Many a times, I find it difficult to find time for sunbathing, so what I do is simply take my workout in the open sun ⛅️ so I get two benefits at the same time - of exercise, and of the healing sunshine 🌞

So try my way workout in morning or evening mostly outdoor. Than you able to get full sunlight benefits. 

I hope you love the information and way my well being


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