#MemeFi Approved Airdrop - Testnet

19 Apr 2024


Reading Time: 2-3 Minutes

Time: 2-5 minutes daily

Potential Earnings: $100-1000

Must have an agreement with #Linea. They received an investment of $3.6M. End of Q2 listing forecast. One of the Linea LXP missions involves #MemeFi. There are 2 different stages. One is to earn coins by clicking with Telegram bot. The other one is #Testnet. #Testnet concludes on May 1. I expect Telegram Bot to be completed in a similar time.

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 $MEMEFI
Supply in Circulation: 1,102,250,000 $MEMEFI

Market Cap at TGE: $22,045,000
Allocated to the Community: 1,275,000,000 $MEMEFI
TGE: 10% - Vesting: 6 Months

Allocated for In-Game Economy: 2,600,000,000 $MEMEFI
TGE: 3% - Vesting: 18 Months

There are 2 stages to benefit from MemeFi #Airdrop.

1) - Telegram Bot

You earn MemeFi Coins by clicking on the screen. You can earn coins faster by improving your features in the "Boosters" section. An application similar to NOT Coin.


Open it from your phone.

I've been doing it for about a month and I've clicked 4.2 million times. I will level up to Level 5 soon. I think it will be a very valuable drop.

2) MemeFi Testnet!

Here I am participating in the MemeFi Testnet, one of the Linea Park - LXP missions.


Open it from your phone or desktop.

In our connected wallet, the Sepolia ETH Testnet network must be installed and there must be Sepolia ETH in it. You can request Sepolia ETH here.

When you log in, you purchase power and keys according to the number of Sepolia ETH in your wallet. The keys are quite valuable. Try to keep the number of keys high.

We need to do TX daily and level up. We need to go to the "Missions" section and do 3 missions every day.

1) We need to join the war of the clan we are affiliated with, which takes place every night.
2) To gain XP and level up, you enter 1 battle every day. The automatically concluded battle lasts 15-20 seconds. Just watch. You win 91% of the time.
3) Social duty. All you have to do is post a daily post on Twitter.

🔑 So where will we use Sepolia ETHs other than purchasing Keys and Power at the entrance? When you click on the Chat sign in the lower right corner of the game, follow the people in the chat section that opens. Buy the keys of the people you follow with Sepolia ETH. You will receive a share of the rewards won by the people whose keys you have. I try to buy keys from as many different people as possible. Of course, as long as Sepolia ETH allows. Remember that May 1 is the deadline.

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