Health Tips For Everyone

30 Jun 2022

1. Take 15 mins of sunlight in the morning: It not only is essential for Vitamin D but also to get our body in sync with circadian rhythm.

2. Drink enough water - We often forget it due to cold weather: Your airways and sinuses become vulnerable to catch cold in absence of hydration.

3. Have enough vitamin C rich foods: Have more of lemon, amla, apple and seasonal veggies and fruits. It builds immunity and helps to deal with weather change.

4. Eat omega-3 rich foods: Important for eye health, skin health and joint stiffness and pain. Plus, it is anti-inflammatory.

5. Eat seasonal green leafy veggies like sarso & methi: They are rich in vitamins & minerals and antioxidants. Have them for better digestion and smooth skin and hair.

6. Go for a walk or exercise within 1 hour of waking up: This will take away the winter laziness away from you and make your more focused and alert for the day.

7. Sleep latest by 11 pm: Try not to stay awake till late. Winter is a good time to get deep quality sleep.

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