25 Sept 2022

A mentor is someone who is experienced and successful and who you willfully submit for advice and guidance. Mentorship is the direction, guidance or advice provided by such a person. In educational or professional endeavours, having a mentor is very important as this person is supposed to advise you from the wealth of his knowledge and experiences so that you are able to achieve your goals with relative ease.

A good mentor is someone who is genuinely interested in your success in the first instance, so he makes a conscious effort to help you achieve your goals and dreams. He is also someone that is knowledgeable and an expert in your particular field. He is a good listener and is empathetic about your unique situation and circumstances and therefore advises you accordingly. He is not judgmental but is honest and candid. He should be your paramount cheerleader, celebrating small victories with you and urging you to achieve more. There must also be mutual respect and he should be someone you have a personal relationship with or who is accessible to you.

There is a difference between a mentor and a coach and the two should not be confused. A coach offers professional service and receives payment for his services, while a mentor is an accessible role model. People with mentors have a sense of direction and often attribute the speed of their success to the advice and guidance of their mentors. This is why as someone who is starting a career in any field or as a student, it is important to have a mentor.


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