My First Jungle Trip☺️

6 Oct 2022

One day, me and my friends decides the trip of jungl. We all decids to go in jungle with our camera to click the photos. We all decids the location and fix the next day to go.

The next day, we are meeting at one place and ready to go. I have no idea about the jungls in real life. Because I seen the jungls only on tv or phone, laptos. I am very excited to go there and enjoy very much we are reached at the location and enter into the jungle. There is very much silent and different different voices of birds. We see different types of birds as well as her voices. This time was very fantastic for me and that movement i enjoyed very well. All friends enjoying in each of different ways as all. 

After seeing the different things, birds and Animals, we go the safe area and click our photos in camera. We all enjoyed very well that movement is very fantastic for me. Thanks to all my friends for such a good experience with all and first time in jungle for me

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