Typical Relationship Issues and How to Address Them

3 Oct 2022

Every person who voluntarily enters into a relationship will occasionally face difficulties. Any relationship issue, no matter how great or minor, can be resolved through open communication, respect for one another, and compromise.
Learning how to talk about relationship issues peacefully and working to find solutions without divorcing is beneficial for couples. But occasionally, disagreements or unaddressed concerns might result in a breakup. It's crucial to know how to handle relationship issues and when to maybe end a relationship.
Some of the most common issues that cause conflict within a relationship are:


One of the most frequent issues that lead to tension in a relationship is money. Money problems can generate conflict in a relationship, whether it's due to having different financial resources, having different opinions on the value of money, or having different spending patterns. This is particularly true if there is a power disparity, such as when one partner has greater financial means and the other feels like they "owe" their partner money.

Here are some strategies for resolving future financial disputes:

  1. Regarding your financial status, be truthful. Be honest about your financial situation when it comes to dates and gifts.
  2. Avoid using money in arguments or conflicts that are not about money as "ammunition" or a kind of leverage.
  3. If you decide to combine your finances because you share a home, make a fair compromise regarding each person's spending and saving preferences.
  4. maintain different bank accounts from one another. This not only keeps things fair but can also be a crucial component of a successful safety plan in the event that the relationship terminates.

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