15 Dec 2022

What will I write Today?
A lot of people have experienced different forms of abuse, and Leslie was one of them. I met Leslie on a flight back home. She was energetic, beautiful, and could handle intellectual conversations. It was a pity she was with someone else, but the point of this story isn't jealousy, but how love was so blind that she couldn't see the toxicity in front of her.

Leslie and I kept chatting and speaking, and every now and then we would hang out. it was weird when I realized she had blocked me on all social media. I was into her, but I respected the fact that she had a man, and I kept my feelings to myself and even got comfortable with being just friends. It hurt because she became a regular part of my life.

It was two years later I saw Leslie, at the train station. I was delighted to see her, but she looked different, she looked older, with a lot of scars, and was hurting in a lot of places, it was then she came clean about Jason, her boyfriend, a bad boy with no reason.

He's cute but so domineering. He didn't like her female friends, and cut her off from them, anytime she did hug any male friend, who of course, she had platonic relationships with, she would get beaten, seriously. He couldn't help but look at her chats and block her from her male friends, and he would beat her if he defied her.

Will Leslie survive? watch out for part two

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