China Launches the Fastest and Most Powerful Internet on the Planet (and Makes a Fool of the United)

15 Nov 2023

China has surprised the world with the launch of a new internet network that far exceeds the speed and capacity of any other existing one. It is a 1.2 terabit (1,200 gigabit) per second fiber optic link that connects the cities of Beijing and Shanghai, a distance of more than 1,200 kilometers. This technological feat, which has been achieved many years ahead of schedule, places China at the forefront of innovation in the field of telecommunications and gives it a competitive advantage over its adversaries, especially the United States, which has lagged behind. in the development of digital infrastructures.

What does it mean to have 1.2 terabits per second internet? To give us an idea, this speed is equivalent to transmitting 1,500 high-definition movies in a single second, or in other words, downloading all the information stored in the United States Library of Congress in less than a minute. According to those responsible for the project, the new internet network is just the beginning of an ambitious strategy to build a global fiber optic network that connects China with the rest of the world and allows it to lead the digital transformation of the 21st century.

With this level of performance, China will be able to boost the development of key sectors such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, quantum computing, biotechnology or space exploration, among others. In addition, it will be able to offer its citizens and companies faster, cheaper and safer internet access, which will result in greater productivity and quality of life.

The project, which has been led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the state company UNICOM, has had the collaboration of international experts and the use of cutting-edge technologies, such as wavelength division multiplexing, which allows several signals to be sent over a single optical fiber, using the different wavelengths of light, which increases the data transmission capacity and allows information to be processed in both directions, and the Raman optical amplifier, which is used to increase the intensity of the signals that They travel through an optical fiber.

What impact will the Chinese achievement have on the rest of the world? The answer can be complex and controversial because it involves political, economic, social and cultural aspects. China has demonstrated its ability to create its own digital ecosystem, with leading companies in sectors such as e-commerce, social networks, financial services or artificial intelligence. Their companies will be able to offer attractive and competitive products and services to consumers and users around the world, as well as collaborate with other public and private entities on projects of common interest in the field of innovation and technological development. It can also be an opportunity for exchange, dialogue and mutual learning between different cultures and civilizations.

But the advance of the Asian nation will also be a challenge to the world order established by the West, which is based on the great fallacy (and I say this with full intention) of a vision where they want us to believe that we have a free and global Internet, where freedom of expression and respect for human rights prevail, really? Of course, this will generate tensions and conflicts with other countries, especially with the United States, which accuses China of espionage, sabotage and manipulation (he who criticizes, gives himself away).

With the launch of its new internet network, China has once again demonstrated its ability to innovate and lead in the field of telecommunications and digitalization. This technological achievement not only benefits the Chinese people and companies, but will also contribute to the development and progress of other regions of the world. The Asian giant is thus consolidating itself as a power that could be, in the future, the world's leading economy and the global leader in technology, communications and other key sectors of the world economy.


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Very good article I agree with. The question is how much "surveillance" is "integrated" in that system... ;-)
It's important to note that for devoloping countries it's easier to build new infra, firstly because of cheaper costs and also because often the infra wasn't there before. For example the country in Europe with the fastest internet connection is Romania, that's because their infrastructure got built way later, while Germany, France, Italy... infra is built on top of the older setup.
It is surely fast. But at this point, I am mostly have my guard up whenever China does something. From the standpoint view of a consumer that is. Lots of fakes products, failed mega projects and recent crypto ban. I have this question in mind though, why fast internet, if 90% of the contents are censored?
Thanks @CryptoEntrepreneurs for your Article. We should be careful with China. China is not a democracy, but they have a surveillance and social credit system. Only those who behave in accordance with the state can get fast internet.
1.2 Terabit is as fast as hell
This was a great read. Man that speed is crazy! I can only imagine using a computer that can use this speed. The future is here and it is looking like the US is going to have some problems catching up. I feel these governments have a plan in place that creates a united new world. No more countries waging war, just one united world under an AI controlled monitoring system. Who knows though? Technology always wins.
The US is not even a country. It is a profit organization and private military force of our enslavers.
This achievement gives China a competitive advantage over its adversaries, particularly the United States. It will benefit key sectors and offer faster, cheaper, and safer internet access. However, it also raises complex implications and challenges the established world order. China's technological prowess positions it as a potential global leader in the digital transformation.
Gary Cartlidge
America needs to get used to this pattern.
Great article, very interesting! Thank you
Incredible invention by china in internet world. 1.2 terabit per second speed is beyond the imagination. China giving tough time to the world in technology and services.
This was a really interesting article, thank you!
this invention will drag new technologies in feed and hope others will follow as well soon.
The US has only 1 more political party than China. It has 2 and is therefore a democracy.