Top Solana Airdrops To Turn $10 to $100 in Q2

12 Apr 2024

With the crypto market finding its way back to the bullish age, smart investors are moving towards the airdrops space. As it brings a higher profit possibility, investing early during airdrops provides a chance to maximize returns.
In 2024, Solana has emerged as the frontrunner in crypto adoption. It’s shaping up to be a year teeming with airdrops for Solana users. With this momentum, the second quarter is anticipated to stand out for Solana airdrops.

So, let’s look closer at these Solana-based protocols that could turn your $10 to $100 in Q2.

Zeta Markets
As a decentralized exchange, the Zeta market offers a fast user experience for a CEX. Further, it provides complete self-custody to the user while increasing transparency to users with the implementation of a public blockchain network.

The ZETA token launch leads to a massive price jump and might fuel the upcoming airdrop by the protocol.

Shadow Token
$SHDW is the cornerstone of the Shadow dePIN ecosystem, facilitating a decentralized infrastructure. Users can spend $SHDW tokens to access data storage and computing services.

Shadow operators underpin the Shadow network as they stake their $SHDW tokens to validate their nodes. With this, they ensure network integrity and security. In return, the operators receive compensation proportionate to their contribution to the Shadow network’s overall capacity and performance.

With the recent launch of its token, the PARCL token shows a massive surge with a boost in trading volume. As the bull run turns profitable for the airdrop winners, this Solana-based protocol could lead to massive bull run in the coming days.

deBridge Finance
deBridge is a cutting-edge protocol that facilitates seamless asset transfers and interoperability across different blockchains. It streamlines the decentralized exchange of assets, with a remarkable user engagement demonstrated in the initial 24 hours post-launch.

With a growing user base, the protocol witnessed almost $48 million inflow, mainly between the Ethereum, Solana, and Base blockchains. There were 50,000 transfers in one day and more than 16,000 users.

With such positive numbers and the growing demand, deBridge Finance’s airdrop farming shows a remarkable underlying potential. And it goes without saying that it makes our list of airdrops to turn $10 to $100 in Q2 2024.

Using the slogan “Make Solana Liquid Again,” Meteora shines as a key player in the world of liquid staking. It focuses on creating long-lasting ways to keep money flowing, which helps turn Solana into a top spot for regular crypto traders. This sets the foundation for Solana to grow like never before.

It’s the first in DeFi to introduce a system that adjusts to get the best returns, starting with very efficient trading pools. Any project built on this system can share its funds with different lending sites. The system changes how much it lends out often to ensure the best returns possible.

With the growing anticipations of a bull run in the crypto market, airdrop farming is a great way to generate profits. Hence, the airdrops of these new tokens are a great investment opportunity in Quarter 2 of 2024.

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