2023 Election: I’ll make Nigerians proud of country, Obi promises

19 Jan 2023

In Kaduna on Wednesday, Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi declared that if his party wins the next elections in February, his administration will make sure that Nigerians are proud of their nation.

Speaking at the North's presidential campaign's flag-off event at Kaduna's Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Obi pledged to restore the Nigeria that made every citizen feel proud to be a part of it.

The presidential candidate bemoaned the predicament in which Nigerians currently find themselves, stating that because to the numerous problems the nation is currently suffering, Nigerians are now embarrassed to call themselves as such.

He said, “Kaduna was the capital of Northern Nigeria where every Nigerian was proud to belong, hence we started the campaign here in Kaduna. We are about to bring back that Nigeria where everybody was happy to belong. In the North, Kaduna State stood for productivity. It stood for everything positive about Nigeria. That's what we're aiming to bring back. We are fed up with hearing tales.

He added that the current insecurity the nation is experiencing is the result of ineffectual leadership to take control of the crisis at hand. He further stated that if elected president in the upcoming presidential election, his administration would safeguard and unite all Nigerians.

Because of the military presence, Kaduna was meant to be the most secure state in the nation, but Obi said, "but there are so many security concerns in the state. Nigeria will be made secure and unified. Security will return once more.
“We will restructure the security architecture. Security personnel will be well taken care of. We will ensure their lives are taken care of so that their families are taken care of in the event of death.
“Datti and I will change this country from consumption to production because of the high prices of things. All the vast lands in the North will be centres of agriculture. Kaduna State again will become a processing centre. The Bank of Agriculture will finance food production in Nigeria and all the support groups, youth, women and all Nigerians, their labour for the party will not go in vain.
“In the coming elections, nobody should tell one another about tribe, religion or section, things are not sold in Nigeria based on religion, tribe or section but all are suffering from the bad leadership of the country,” Obi said.

Datti Baba-Ahmed, Datti Obi's running mate, stated in his speech that individuals seeking peace and togetherness in the nation should vote carefully in the next elections to ensure the development of a new Nigeria.

He stated, "Nigeria has never had presidential candidates of this caliber. Given that Kaduna is the epicenter of positive developments nationwide, we sincerely hope that residents of the state turn out in large numbers to change the course of history by voting the Labour Party to office, which would benefit all Nigerians.
"We are the ones that always follow through on our commitments. We are committed to improving Nigeria and promoting equality for all Nigerians in all spheres of life. We pledged to dry the ordinary man's tears and give him a sense of belonging. Only Peter Obi is advocating that Nigerians support him in the election because of his credibility.

Also speaking, the governorship candidate of the party in Kaduna State, Jonathan Asake, thanked the youths for being a great engine room of the party as well as women and the support groups.
“There will be inclusiveness in all spheres of life to enhance the living standards of all Nigerians because the party means well for Nigerians and Nigeria,” he added.

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