A visit to the national museum Uyo

10 Aug 2022

   The museum is located in a very quiet area and the envy is quite conducive too.The building is a bungalow inside the museum I saw pictures of Covid 19 pandemic,Pictures of the past leaders.The struggle for the states creation (The dream),Art sculptures, Some nice creative works like Adire(tie&dye),knitting materials Also a creative work done by an individual with groundnut shells, table mat which was also knitted.
  We met a really nice lady there Mrs Madeleine an Assistant museum educational officer who welcomed us nicely.We also met with Mr Ekom The head of department there at the museum who was nice as well.
    Mr Gregory Etim the head of department as well as the acting curator of the museum.He also took i and my friends to the graph shop. The graph shop is where things are produced and a place the museum preserves old things of the past for the unborn generation. Things that we’re seen in the graph shop was a painting by Mkpouto Obong, Medium-poster colour on paper,the dream:struggle for the state creation.Books to were kept at the museum.Some books were the material culture of the people were protected in the museum the origin and way of life of the people.
        It was indeed a fun scene at the museum.

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