17 Jun 2022


Benefits of gold bonds over physical gold 

2. When an investor buys physical gold from the market there is a risk of loss of theft but there is no such risk of loss of theft in case of gold bonds or digital gold. 

3. When an investor buys gold physically there is a burden of storage of gold ,whereas there is no burden of storage of gold in gold bonds. 

4. There is always a making charge which is need to be paid by the investor in case of purchase of physical gold but there is no such charges in the case of purchase of golds digitally or gold bonds. 

5. Digital gold can be sold at anytime anywhere ... Whereas gold bonds can be sold in market time and market days but in case of physical gold investor needs to go to jeweller for making it checked of the purity of gold and may not receive the actual amount of assets. 

6. If the investor invests in gold bonds he/she receives interest from the government quarterly based on the int rate going at that time . However there is no such income of interest from physical golds. 

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