What is Sekuya (SKYA) Coin and How to Buy It?

17 May 2024

Sekuya aims to revolutionize the gaming world with a community-driven approach in its brand new anime epic fantasy universe. So what exactly is Sekuya (SKYA) coin and how to buy it?

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What is Sekuya (SKYA) Coin?

Sekuya's flagship project, Sekuya Multiverse, an award-winning start-up project, combines the world's two most popular gaming genres: MOBA + RPG, promising a new gaming experience to more than 250 million global players.

With thriving communities in Southeast Asia and around the world already joining and supporting the project, Sekuya Multiverse becomes one of the GameFi projects with the largest community base in Southeast Asia .

Sekuya Multiverse offers an immersive MOBA + RPG experience set in Novae Terrae, a 10-world universe. Known as “*Jumpers*,” players can take advantage of an AI character creator to customize their own characters, interact with AI NPCs, engage in engaging stories, and participate in battles to collect over 400 sekumon souls and earn huge rewards.

Expect an exciting MOBA featuring unique superpowers granted by Sekuya heroes and special abilities tailored to each player's personality.

How to Buy Sekuya (SKYA) Coin?

The Sekuya coin project will be listed on the Gate.io exchange for the first time. To purchase at the time of listing;

  1. Sign Up Here
  2. You can start trading on the SKYA/USDT trading pair. 
  3. You are now ready to trade. 

Sekuya Game Details

  • Target Audience: Sekuya Multiverse offers a wide variety of superpowers, heroic characters and 400 sekumons that appeal to players of all ages and genders who enjoy MOBA and MMORPG games worldwide. Our first launch following the pre-alpha phase is a flagship game that prioritizes a new 5v5 combat experience with personalized superpowers, JRPG art style and 3rd-person perspective gameplay.
  • Competitive advantage: The last 2 years were spent creating the game concept, city planning, pre-alpha development and community engagement. In the game, our community networks will have an area representing their guild.
  • New Gameplay Genre: Anime MOBA RPG is the flagship game that invites players into a surreal world of 10 epic fantasy realms. In this game, players have the opportunity to become hunters of sekumon spirits or rulers of the battle arena and fulfill their childhood dream of living in an anime world.
  • Progress and development status: Preliminary alpha for multiplayer games to explore one of 10 worlds can now be played by a limited number of users. The alpha phase of the MOBA is under development, the goal is to have Sekuya Saga Arena accessible to players by the end of 2024.

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