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23 Jan 2023

With the continuous development and popularization of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, the proportion of cryptocurrency holders in the global population is rising, coupled with the in-depth development of DeFi, the launch of legal digital currencies in various countries, and the digitization of assets. As a result, cryptocurrency payment has also attracted more and more attention, and more and more influential companies have begun to announce that they can use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for payment, such as Tesla, WeWork, etc.

The anonymous technology behind cryptocurrency, while providing us with privacy protection, also brings certain hidden dangers. Coupled with the large fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrency and the policies of various countries, the popularization of cryptocurrency payment still has a long way to go, but we know there is a real market demand for cryptocurrency payment, and the future market space is huge. In the cryptocurrency payment track, many project parties have already been digging deep and want to get a share, and Alchemy Pay is the leader in the payment track.

What is Alchemy Pay

According to the official introduction, Alchemy Pay is a payment institution dedicated to promoting the development and construction of global cryptocurrency by connecting fiat payment and cryptocurrency payment. At present, Alchemy Pay has integrated more than 300 types of fiat currency payment methods in more than 60 countries, supports all mainstream cryptocurrency payments, and processes millions of dollars in cryptocurrency daily, with the main focus on "safety, compliance, speed, and internationalization."


1) Support mainstream international fiat currency payment methods such as Visa, Master, PayPal, and more than 300 regional fiat currency payment methods in more than 60 countries around the world, as well as all current mainstream cryptocurrency payment methods such as BTC, USDT, SOL and BNB etc.

2) Support all mainstream blockchain assets in the world, and can integrate any blockchain assets to join the payment network;

3) It has served customers from all over the world, including more than 100 world-renowned developers such as Shopify, Arcadier, Binance, Gemini, and more than 3000 corporate merchants such as Aldo Group, and CeLaVi Group etc.


Alchemy only conducts business legally and compliantly in countries and regions permitted by laws and regulations, and currently has operations in many countries.


Assets are managed by a third party, and 100% loss is guaranteed, providing exchange rate locking, security and anti-fraud services for transactions.


1) Suitable for any enterprise or individual, supporting all mainstream payment scenarios such as Pos, gateways, and apps;

2) Realized Bitcoin instant payment, cross-chain payment, zero block confirmation and other technologies;

According to the global digital asset payment industry research report released by the well-known third-party research institution Token Insight: Alchemy Pay surpasses established equivalents such as PundiX, BitPay, Flexa, COTI, or comparable Ripple and in a number of metrics.

What are the advantages of the Alchemy Pay platform

Alchemy pay as a payment platform, let's take a look at its highlights.

Provide a mixed payment solution of cryptocurrency and legal currency

Alchemy Pay provides a mixed payment solution of cryptocurrency and fiat currency, and it also acts as a bridge between legal currency and cryptocurrency. For example, some cryptocurrency exchanges use Alchemy Pay's payment solution to solve payment problems such as cryptocurrency and fiat currency.

E-commerce platforms can also use the Alchemy Pay solution. When making payments, platform users can choose to pay with legal currency or cryptocurrency according to their needs.

Compatible with all mainstream payment forms

In the Alchemy Pay platform, it is compatible with all mainstream payment forms. For example, the Alchemy application can be installed on the mobile terminal (IOS/Android), payment can be completed through mobile devices, and there is also a complete payment system on the web side. For example, browser plugins, APIs, etc.

In addition to being compatible with mainstream payment methods, Alchemy Pay is basically compatible with all mainstream wallets.

Adapt to payment solutions in all mainstream scenarios

As a payment platform, it has many payment scenarios and needs to face a variety of complex use scenarios, such as settlement, withdrawal, exchange, online entertainment, risk control and anti-fraud, etc. It is a relatively complex system. After several years of development, Alchemy can now adapt to almost all payment solutions in mainstream scenarios. Whether it is offline payment or online payment, whether it is payment in fiat or cryptocurrency.

Of course, Alchemy Pay is also limited to conducting business in countries and regions permitted by local laws and regulations, and Alchemy Pay is a payment project that pays great attention to compliance. Currently, more and more countries support the use of the Alchemy Pay platform.

With the in-depth development of Alchemy Pay, Alchemy Trust has also opened up a trusted authentication channel between centralization and decentralization, mapping KYC information outside the blockchain to the world of the blockchain, which can be used as a basis to establish Credit scores in the blockchain world and also provide users with further financial services.

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