Black Adam : Upcoming Movies in DC

9 Jun 2022

DC movies are too good as Marvel movies due to powerful comics and strong CGI. There are many superhero and antihero Character in DC comic. Black Adam is o e them , which is particularly Antihero and part of Justice society of America.

Black Adam is as powerful in Superman in many aspects . let's talk about his origin. He used to be a slave in Kahndaq about 5000 years ago from Current time. He got his power from the same Wizards that gaves the power to Shazam. Black has many powers and Since he was born too old and he got stuck in time by covered in Ice for many years and later rescued as Black Adam in modern time. He has to fought against modern weapons and modern superhero.

About movie , Black Adam is portrayed by Dwayne Johnson  aka "Rock" and will potray character like cyclone , Doctor Fate and many other . The film will be released on October of 21 ,2022.

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