Mobile phones and Social media addiction

14 May 2023

Throughout the world everyday you see people taking life for granted whether its people living in the past or the future instead of in the moment, people need to realize how little time we have and we need to make the most of it. People are wasting their lives holding themselves back, not taking risks to pursue opportunities and people changing due to the influence of others, life is too short to not take risks. Is this really how we want to live our lives?

social media can have a significant negative effect on people as they are relying on their phones to be social, shutting down their outside communication which can cause their relationships with others to fall apart, this is shown especially in youth as that is how everyone communicates.

Mobile phones have a huge influence on people's actions and choices. These days people care so much about what other people say and think about you and we spend our life making random people throughout the world happy with us instead of our own selves and others we care about. instead of doing what you think other people want you so we do things you wanna do. Do things that make you happy. Do things that you wanna experience. we don't realize how much we have been shaped due to the opinions from others through the use of social media.This is why social media is so bad as it gives others an easier ability to judge and shut people down.

Everyone throughout the world has wasted time but it's the repetition that leads to our lives being wasted and the total essence of life ceasing to exist. Mobile phones/social media is the biggest time waster in the world and as well as wasting time they have a lot of negative effects on the user.


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