What kind of project is Casper?

2 Jan 2023

Casper itself has the potential of a king-level project. Although from the time point of view, the launch time and ecological start of Casper's mainnet are later than Ethereum, but in essence, Casper and Ethereum are of the same root.

We all know that Ethereum is an early public chain. It is not an exaggeration to say that it has carried half of the industry. Whether it is the start of the ecology, the prosperity, and the recognition of industry developers and investors, it can be confirmed. But from the current point of view, Ethereum is guaranteeing security and decentralization, sacrificing efficiency, which is its own scalability. Ethereum, because of its own efficiency problems, obviously it cannot bear the current business ecology, and it is difficult for it to become an enterprise-level public chain to serve the traditional world.

Vlad Zamfir, an early member of the Ethereum Foundation, proposed the early theory of CBC Casper. The CBC Casper theory is based on the PoS proof-of-stake protocol to drive secure, scalable and decentralized blockchain services. It is also a well-known early theory for blockchain expansion. The technology is based on the POS CBC-Casper protocol, or Casper is currently the most successful practitioner of CBC-Casper. In fact, in the early days, the Ethereum Foundation proposed that the purpose of CBC Casper was to make plans for the future conversion to a POS consensus mechanism. From the overall ecological perspective, the transfer of POW to POS has harmed the interests of the miners and the community is opposed to it. So CasperLabs independently continued the research of CBC Casper, and Casper was a follow-up practitioner.

The security of Casper is very high. This is largely due to the cutting-edge research of Dr. Daniel Kane and Dr. Andreas Fackler. Therefore, based on POS, Casper can achieve expansion of the Ethereum ecosystem without sacrificing security and decentralization. The DAPP applications of the Ethernet ecosystem can also be migrated to Casper smoothly, which is also a continuation of the Ethereum ecology.

As a public chain, the prosperity of the ecology is inseparable from the developers' "adding bricks and tiles". It is well known that the entry threshold for the blockchain development field is higher than that of the traditional Internet field. The main language for application development such as Ethereum is Solidity. Mainly, and currently there are about 10,000 developers who are proficient in using the Solidity language for development. The total number of developers worldwide is about 26 million, and the bottleneck of the development language seems to be the primary obstacle restricting their entry into the blockchain ecosystem.

Casper has done more prominently in lowering the threshold for developers. Casper supports Rust and Assembly Script as smart contract programming languages, allowing developers to easily use familiar tools and lowering the barriers to entry for developers. Casper will also attract more and more traditional developers to join the blockchain ecosystem , To accelerate the prosperity of the blockchain world.

Based on the above characteristics, Casper will focus on the layout of enterprise-level public chains, and it will also pay more attention to corporate relationships. CasperLabs (the development team behind the Casper network) currently provides technical support for many companies, such as the well-known partners of CasperLabs, IPWe, a company dedicated to intellectual property and patent management, and the overall development has been transferred to the Casper network. . IPWe has also brought many Fortune 500 corporate partners to Casper, so Casper is expected to become the industry's top enterprise-level public chain in terms of technology and prospects.

Casper has built DevDAO, an organization focused on the incubation of the Casper ecosystem. Casper used 16% of CSPR tokens as an ecological fund to support the technology of developers or tems who want to join the Casper ecosystem. Casper will also hold hackathon events in the near future.

To sum up, Casper has the potential to become a king-level public chain. First of all, Casper is attached to the Ethereum ecosystem and can use its own compiler as the basis to smoothly transfer projects on Ethereum, co-construct and continue the prosperity of the Ethereum ecosystem. Casper has a good corporate relationship and can connect the traditional world with the blockchain world, promote the prosperity of the industry's corporate ecology, and accelerate the development of large-scale blockchain commercial use.

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