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12 Mar 2024

Etherium price is now in the range of 4,000$, will it continue to rise and surpass its all time high of $4,891.70?

Anyway, let's go to the topic, because of the development of technology from web 1.0, web2.0 and now web3.0. The creative mind of developer, programmer and founder, make web3.0 useful in developing social media platform.

REPUBLIK is a social media platform where everyone can get rewarded for their interactions on the platform.

In traditional social media, rules are made by the companies who own them and users have to pay platform fees and additional costs for wanting to get their share of reward. This means it is difficult for everyone to earn from or to chase their passions and build a community that reflects who they are.

To earn in Republik is easy, what you need to do is interact and engage in the social platform, as you give a heart for that video you can earn XP, daily checkin has bonus XP, You can also vote in the CHALLENGES, and you can earn XP. The more XP you gain the better, because XP will convert it into RPK token.

Creating creative short videos will earn you more XP, the more views more earnings..

RPK Token Total Supply - 3 Billion

Current Price - $ 0.037 price at the time of writing

Offices - Singapore, Berlin, Los Angeles, Vietnam

Who are REPUBLIK's investors?

REPUBLIK’s seed raise investors include OKX Ventures, Huobi, Tron, CMS Holdings, Signum Capital, UOB Venture Management, Arcane Group, Mirana Ventures (Bybit), ENJIN.

Team and advisers, you may check the link

Republik RPK are listed in Exhanges


And staking is also active, you can stake your rpk to earn more XP.

Apps is available to download from their


Got interested , you may use the link



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