Sleep paralysis (2)

11 Oct 2022

I thought to myself, "Wow, I'm so handsome," as I looked at my face

Was that now necessary? I pondered as I sobbed heavily.

So what was going to happen next, Hell?

What will I say when I see God face to face?

I wasted my entire life in sin?

that I didn't call him till I ran into issues?

I felt like I had been doubting myself for hours.

When I returned to my room, I discovered someone else.

I observed my mother from a corner of the room.

I watched her ask me to wake up.

I would have answered, "I already tried it," but She won't
hear me, so I watched silently.

Does this mean that this is how my the curtain is drawn over my life?

I yelled, "No," "slap me Mom, I might be lying."

A brilliant light later flooded the space.

I cried out, "This is supernatural, I'm doomed," in a soliloquy.

*To be continued


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