My Crypto Discord Weekly Round-Up #12

26 Aug 2023

Crypto Media is a great source of information, it's very easily digested as it's all organised for you. Not a lot in it outside the mainstream projects though and when that information gets to you it's usually old.

Crypto Twitter is a great source of information too, but it's literally everything so the noise can often overpower any signal. Hard to identify what the people posting have to do with the projects they're talking about too.

Crypto Discords are kinda the best of both worlds. They have the structure that Crypto Twitter does not (and can never have) but go deeper then Crypto Media can (or will ever be able to). The downside is you need to actually be in the Discords to see the information.
There's a lot of interesting stuff that gets announced in Discords that I see, that others don't.
I'm sharing anything I think is particularly noteworthy for people outside of the Discords.
And quite frankly I love what these teams are doing and think it should get more airtime so I'm trying to do my bit to make that happen.

I post daily on my Solcial account (see link at the bottom of the post) and on BULB I'm doing a weekly summary of those posts in a blog post (like the one you're reading now!).

The rules I've set for myself are pretty simple:

  1. I only post from the official announcements channel/s in each Discord. No gated token/NFT gated channels and no discussions from the channels.
  2. I only post what I find interesting. Your mileage may vary. I do have a soft spot for alpha though...
  3. I use the same prompt each time to generate a cover image for the post: discord weekly round up

That's it. Let's get to the posts.

What drew my attention this week?

Beethoven X 21/08/2023

Rise and Shine Maestros,

Welcome to another beautiful week at BEETS!

Funkadelically FRESH and always insightful, dive into the weekly Concerto Programme!

COMB Financial 21/08/2023

We have now migrated all BTC, ETH and AVAX Podz!

The new Podz will pay out in LayerZero assets!

Here is the current breakdown of which assets each pod will now pay in:

BTC Pod - lzBTC
ETH Pod - lzETH

There is currently no liquidity for AVAX assets on the FTM Network, therefore we have migrated AVAX Podz to USDC in the meantime.

Please note: underlying pod rewards have not been affected. Pod rewards are generated through the zCOMB mechanism therefore they are FTM assets and were not affected by the Multichain incident, the payout tokens that were previously Multichain assets and thus depegged from their true value have been replaced for LayerZero assets.

Thank you for remaining patient with us during this time, if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team!

Meta Pool 21/08/2023

Meta Poolers, finally...

Our Zealy Campaign is here!!

This is a special celebration for 2 Years Of MetaPool, where we want to thank you for being part of our amazing community!

Complete awesome quests, collect NFTs, earn stNEAR tokens, and juicy rewards

Are you ready to embark on an incredible journey with us?

Then don’t waste any time and join our Zealy Campaign today!

blocmates 18/08/2023

GM plebs heres your Thursday newsletter covering the BTC chart... because let's be honest... somethings about to happen as it looks kinda gross right now

🤓 In today’s email.
Degen corner. BTC, Boom or BUST?!
DeFi insights. 11 degenerate defi insights
ICYMI. Podcast with Bumper Finance and research on Fuji Finance
Top Tweets. Is Bankless about to release a skincare range?
And finally. Gamblefi… that is all.

For all you LARP 4 particpants... get your ramen bowls ready @Mikeblocmates is back next week

until then... @everyone shill this tweet please and ty :Peepo_FeelsAmazingMan:

blocmates 18/08/2023

Gm @everyone hope you’re all alive and well after the big wash out last night!

Me, Jedi and Dan are back with the weekly catch up discussing:

Gambling and gaming
Sei and they’re botched airdrop/launch
Equities pull back
China market uncertainty

blocmates 22/08/2023

Gm @everyone

Recorded a podcast with coinflip from GMX last week covering all things V2


PepperDEX 22/08/2023


Thank you for your patience as we looked through every single entry for our first meme contest! And let's start by saying - WOW. The submissions were all incredible, super creative, hilarious, and we were blown away by the engagement and contributions from everyone far and wide 🌎

Our team supported by your Spice Moderators shortlisted numerous candidates, created a grading system (which included criteria such as originality, humor, and more) to help us decide on the final winners.

Here are you winners! 🥁 (in no particular order):


@Art¡nEPX | Peppered


Winners, our leadership team will DM you tomorrow for submission of wallet addresses.

Thank you everyone for participating!
We'll be back with another exciting contest very soon 😉 14/08/2023

NEW! See All Wager Total Amount in USD $ 🤑

As we add more tokens and crashers play with these, we've added a total amount in USD for all wagers in a current game.

Fun, simple feature so you can get an immediate amount on what's being wagered on every rocket journey.

You're gonna love the next feature we're working on! 👀

blocmates 23/08/2023

JFC @everyone what a day GMX, Trident and now presenting Tenet, the Layer 1 secured by restaked LSDs

Yes... restaked LSDs and we introduce you to LSDC

Jupiter Aggregator 17/08/2023

Hi @everyone, excited to share with you all that deBridge has integrated Jupiter into their no-slippage DLN bridging system!
This allow users to move or get native assets in and out of Solana seamlessly!

By executing trades async through a self-organized liquidity network, DLN eliminates the wait for guaranteed finality on the destination chain.
This approach is free from AMM slippage, MEV risks, and transaction blockage, providing users with swift cross-chain experiences.

DLN leverages Jupiter’s routing engine for pre-swaps to USDC, fulfilling and executing the order seamlessly on both fronts.
A user trading USDC on BNB for BONK on Solana will have a taker on Solana atomically provide the liquidity and swap it for the user via Jupiter.

DLN's unique order matching system, coupled with Jupiter's routing, empowers DLN to seamlessly trade into/out of any liquid Solana assets, providing a powerful option to users bridging in/out of Solana!

Jupiter Aggregator 17/08/2023

Hello @everyone! Take a look at the latest telegram bot by Fluxbot, featuring integrated Jupiter Swaps, Limit Orders, and DCA.

Now, all your trading needs can be fulfilled right within a telegram chat 😉

Check it out:

Jupiter Aggregator 19/08/2023

Hi @everyone! Super excited to announce after months of work and collaboration, we finally completed the full integration with Sasnctum (Previously Stakedex and Now users have access to the Sanctum reserve pools that allow xSOL -> SOL swaps seamless at the very best price for all trade sizes.

LSTs have always been an incredible source of high yield and value for both users and DeFi.
With more than 9B locked, there is immense potential for the broad adoption of LSTs by users and DeFi protocols.

However, they've been held back from mass adoption due to the inability to instantly liquidate large amounts of LSTs. Liquidity in the typical markets is insufficient for sizeable traders or liquidators who need to exit their liquidity rapidly.

With this launch and integration, liquidators will now be able to instantly liquidate both small and large xSOL positions by leveraging Jupiter’s liquidity routes, including the Sanctum SOL reserve pool and all other liquidity sources.

This unlocks LST adoption, introducing more assets to Solana that can dramatically increase TVL and open up $9B in staked capital for DeFi.
Additionally, it enables protocols to maximize their capital efficiency and yield without the typical cooldown or liquidity constraints.

Read more about it in our blogpost:

Jupiter Aggregator 22/08/2023

Hi @everyone, checkout Bonk's latest product - BonkBot, a telegram trading bot that is seamlessly integrated with Jupiter's latest routing engine to power swaps via Telegram chat, with fees going into to powering the Bonk ecosystem.

Hyped to see more partners coming up with more use cases with Jupiter. DeFi Summer is on fire

Beethoven X 23/08/2023

Balancer has received a report of a critical vulnerability on the pools listed in the Tweet below.

This critical vulnerability affects some of the Beethoven X pools on Fantom and Optimism, and as such, all users within the Liquidity Pools listed are advised to withdraw ASAP.

The Beethoven X UI will prompt all users to withdraw if they hold liquidity within one of the listed pools.

The following list outlines affected pools with > 1k in liquidity:


• Lock, staked and two smoking Fantoms -
• Take me home Fantom Node -
• Overture Grim In The Mirrorworld -
• Beets Yearn Boosted StablePool (USD) -
• From gods, boosted and blessed -
• My Beautiful Dark Twisted Decentralized Dollar -
• The Stader Staked Symphonys -
• A Late Quartet, Yearn Boosted -
• Fantom of the Opera, Boosted -
• Pirate's Paradise -


• House Of the Rising Sun -
• Dollar Dollar Bills -
• Tri-SONNE Harmonic Crescendo -
• Overnight Pulse Act II -
• Enter the Stargate -
• Lido Shuffle -
• Yellow submarine, our yield machine -
• Steady Beets, Boosted -
• Exactly Like You -
• Overnight Pulse -
• Happy Road reloaded -

We will be available to answer further questions over the coming days and we will keep the community updated as soon as we have more information.

At the time of writing, this vulnerability has not been exploited, and no funds have been lost.

Beethoven X Discord 23/08/2023

We are aware of issue while withdrawing from the Dollar Dollar Bills pool ( This pool was set into pause mode to partially mitigate the vulnerability but the funds are still at risk. Unfortunately our UI is currently not able to handle this specific pool state for exits. Until we can implement this, you can use the following workaround:

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you UNSTAKE completely from the pool first via UI, you can claim any pending rewards now or at a later time.

You’ll need to directly interact with the vault on etherscan using the exitPool function:

Connect your wallet to etherscan by pressing the “connect to web3” link at the top.

You’ll need to input four different things into the exitPool function, this input can be found in the following sheet:

Search for your address in the sheet. Each column corresponds to an input in the exitPool function. Enter all information and click write.

You should now get back three tokens: ERN, bb-rfusdc and bb-rfusdt

You’ll need to swap bb-rfusdc and bb-rfusdt for the underlying token. For this, go to the swaps screen:

Enter the contract address for bb-rfusdc: 0xf970659221bb9d01b615321b63a26e857ffc030b and "import token", then swap to any desired token, preferably USDC

Enter the contract address for bb-rfusdt: 0x20715545c15c76461861cb0d6ba96929766d05a5and "import token", then swap to any desired token, preferably USDT

Mozaic 05/07/2023

The team wanted to provide an update post raise - as we are self funded, we have incurred a number of expenses through backpay and loans in order to bring Mozaic to Mainnet.

We wanted to be sure that we could bring this product to the market first before accepting any contributions. Therefore, in the effort of transparency we wanted to publish our Treasury Wallets and be fully up-front about how and where the funds are going to be used. We will also be publishing the monthly budget, to clarify the remaining runway. This budget along with the following expenses breakdown will be published in our docs very shortly.

We raised over $300,000 in 24 hours.

A multi-sig wallet (on ETH and BSC) currently contains the funds.

ETH/BSC: 0x26E17aDa97868A75FFbF01bB36DC84dcAC180f83

The ETH/BSC wallet contains $290,000 from the sale. This is due to fact that one of our advisors (who is an absolute CHAD) who had funded our audit cost, chose to be partially paid back by investing in the community sale.

This amounted to $10,000, which is why the balance sits at $290,000.

EXPENSES BREAKDOWN (to be published in the docs)

$34,000 was loaned by our advisor (minus 10,000 for investment in the community sale).
$24,000 to be paid back to said advisor
$3,500 to be paid directly to Trust-Security.

Audit TOTAL: $27,500

Solidity Development: $48,970

AI Technical Development: $28,900

Front End Development: $5,010

Legal Costs: $11,699

Team Salaries: $6,675

Loan for Marketing Expenses: $10,000

Data Hosting (previous to Google Program): $9,000

PreSail Software: $3,750

FUNDS: $290,000
EXPENSES: $151,504
REMAINING: $138,496

These expenses will begin to be paid out shortly. If anyone does have any questions about these costs, please reach out and we will be happy to answer any questions.

From everyone of the core contributors, thank you for helping us keep the lights on and the protocol moving forward. We owe it to you.

Mozaic 05/08/2023

Hey @everyone, in the spirit of transparency the @Core Contributors wanted to give an update on the expenditure of our Community Raise #1 as there were some changes to the payments made. This information has been published in our docs.

Below is the most up to date and accurate breakdown currently:

Solidity Development: $48,970
Further Development Salaries (ongoing): $26,000

AI Technical Development: $90,000
Further Development and Salaries (ongoing): $7,000

Team Salaries: $5,250
Further Team Salaries (ongoing): $4,875

Front End Development: $3600

Loan for Marketing Expenses: $10,000

Data Hosting (previous to Google Program): $9,000

Refine Studio: $12,000

Hercules Audit:
$34,000 was loaned by our advisor (minus 10,000 for investment in the community sale).
$24,000 to be paid back to said advisor

Audit TOTAL: $24,000

PreSail Software: $3,750 + $590 (per month)

Vault #2 Audit: $10,000 (part one)

RAISED: $290,000

PAID: $255,035
REMAINING: $34,965

The expenditure of $90,000. This was paid to buy out the source code of Archimedes to bring the technology in-house. Previously the development of the AI had been outsourced, but we have made the crucial decision to bring the technology completely under the Mozaic banner to ensure the longevity of the protocol and its underlying technology.

These decisions will allow us to remain nimble, push production of new vaults, features and add-ons to rapidly build the protocol and launch future vault strategies extremely quickly. Development is already underway with our second vault (,) with additional trained AI strategies…

We’re confident in what we’re doing and the partnerships, integrations and redesigns we have in motion.

Mozaic 23/08/2023

@Alpha Tester Access: Wednesday, August 23, 2023 11:00 PM
@Beta Tester Access: Friday, August 25, 2023 11:00 PM


Deposit almost any asset or LP token (from other protocols) DIRECTLY into the Hercules Vault

xchain zaps, customized by Wido x Li-Fi, specifically for Hercules.

Arbitrum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Base.

This will be increased as new users are onboarded. We're giving exclusive access to alpha testers and then beta testers before opening up the vault to the public. We're ready to increase the vault caps where necessary.

@everyone welcome AI-Optimized Yield and Liquidity Strategies, Powered by LayerZero

Marinade Finance 25/08/2023

MNDE incentives vote is LIVE @everyone!

Thanks for your patience as the DAO has debated next steps for MNDE incentives for mSOL and Marinade Native stakers. The proposal has been updated and is now officially live as the first vote on Realms.

Here are the details to vote on:

This incentives campaign is designed to reward all mSOL-Native stakers for contributing to TVL with an equal MNDE ratio, unlike liquidity mining which can be diluted by whales.

This campaign will be 3 months long. Holding mSOL or Native for the full time will get 1 MNDE per SOL staked. All current stake will be eligible.

DeFi Snapshots confirmed for this campaign: Solend, Marginfi, Raydium, Orca, Saber, Mango, Drift, and Super Stake SOL.

The total budget for this campaign is up to 80M MNDE. The TVL of Marinade would need to grow to 40M SOL (up from 7.2SOL) for this to be distributed. (If the protocol doesn't grow, only 7.2M MNDE would be distributed)

This also introduces a referral program element for the community to participate in, as well as bring more incentives to large protocols (like wallets). More info on how to participate soon ...

VOTE with your locked MNDE on Realms: (live for 4 days)


I was a beta tester for Kamino V2 and it's outstanding. Had a couple of feedback calls with the team and I can confirm this is really only just the start for them. If you're at all interested in defi, check out Kamino now. It's both a learning and earning tool. Possibly the only one in defi today that can properly lay claim to that title

Kamino Finance 25/08/2023

Welcome to the first release of Kamino 2.0

This release consists of:

  • Creator Vaults
  • Simulator
  • Analytics
  • Performance Data

This release takes a huge step towards increased flexibility and transparency for LPs, raising the bar for Solana protocols and the APYs/yields they display.

DIY Creator Vaults
Creator Vaults enable users to create their own, automated, DIY strategies using Kamino's infrastructure.

Users can select their tokens, DEX, and fee tier, and customize a strategy to their own liking.

At the core of this vault setup process is Kamino's Simulator, which uses historical market data to show simulated vault performance and rebalancing info.

This simulation is real-time, and changes based on your selected parameters.

Every vault on Kamino now has its own dedicated Analytics suite, accessible in the Advanced Analytics dashboard. You can use this to track real time performance of every vault on the platform

Ultimately, this enables LPs to make informed decisions, with more datapoints than ever before.

Performance Data
And, once you have a live position, you can check the PnL and performance data in the Portfolio screen, as well as the vault interface.

For each position, you can check the PnL in either token, and in USD.

Thank you

These products would not have been possible without your input, and we cannot wait to show you what we have in store.

This is, quite literally, the tip of the iceberg.

Share with everyone, including your mum. THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT 2.0

Camelot 24/08/2023

Knights of Camelot, @everyone

We're excited to welcome AltitudeDeFi to the Castle, with $ALTD liquidity going live on 28th Aug

Altitude is a blue-chip asset bridge, powered by LayerZero.

$ALTD holders will be able to provide liquidity to earn $GRAIL incentives - will you be worthy?

Camelot 25/08/2023

Knights of Camelot, @everyone

Over $565k worth of xGRAIL has been allocated to the launchpad plugin ahead of the gmblcomputer sale

The $GMBL presale will start 27th Aug at 12pm UTC, and the first 24 hrs will be for whitelisted users only

Get your whitelist allocation now

Camelot 26/08/2023

Several of our partner Nitro pools have now been updated; please migrate to the latest pools to continue earning incentives @everyone


If you’re in the above pools, withdraw & deposit into the latest ones here

Over to you!

Do you have a favourite crypto project you think deserves some more publicity?
How do you engage/follow this project?

Let us know in the comments

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