World Cup Review

17 Jan 2023

The world cup was held in Qatar and ran for 4 weeks. Qatar is the smallest country this global event has ever been held in and the cultural aspect of the cup was very different to previous hosts.

Personal Opinion

My personal opinion on the way the world cup not very positive. Qatar paid its residents to play as fans of different countries and created a false atmosphere. Spending a record amount of money on the set up for the event with billions being spent on air conditioning.
However I cannot complain on the results of the event seeing that it was Argentina and Messi who achieved a well deserved win.

Bias and Controversy

There is much bias and controversy in most major events but in Qatar it was filled with it. The Qatar team offered to pay 8 players from the Ecuador team to lose the opening match of the world cup of which they denied the offer. The refereeing of the world cup was also very controversial. Calls being made that should not have been, favouring one nation over the other it ruins the idea of nation v nation and more based on who has more money. it made the game seem less realistic and wasn’t as enjoyable.

The Champions

Argentina. With Messi winning the world cup, it solidified his place on the mantle as the best football player in history. His technical and leadership ability drove his nation to the crown. Being directly involved in 10 goals in only 7 matches at the highest level truly shows how good of a player he is.


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A few of the highlights for me from the World Cup were how good the Aussie team performed. Losing only two matches to the ultimate winners and runners up. A very impressive achievement. The other of course was for the GOAT Messi who had a phenomenal tournament and to go out a winner was great for him and the Argentinian team.
south coast surfer
Nice overview of the World Cup. Too bad controversy marred the fantastic outcome of a football nation winning the Cup, with the best player Captaining the team. Many people also lost there lives building the stadiums - life is cheap for cheap labour coming from much less privileged nations. It’s such a shame that the World Cup isn’t only about the World game, which it should be.
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