29 Nov 2022

We are gradually approaching the Christmas season. And it would be nice to let you all know about Christmas.

Christmas is a Christian holiday that happens in December all over the world. The Christmas season is well known for the songs, decorations, Santa clause and the weather. Christmas is known as the "Feast day of Christ", celebrated yearly on the 25th of December. 

The celebration is cultural and is being celebrated by Christians all over the world, but there are differences in the manner in which different people celebrate.


History goes far back in time, which s=canbe said to first happen back in 336 A.D. in Rome. This celebration was said to be of great significance during the famed Arian Controversy that occurred in the 300s, although it got overshadowed by the epiphany of the early years of the middle age.

Chrismas saw the limelight once again in the 800 A.D. when Emperor Charlemagne received HIs crown on the day of Christmas. Although Christmas got banned in the 17th Century by the Puritans due to the fact that people tend to get involved in all manner of misbehaviour during the Christmas season such as drunkenness.

Christmas finally became a recognized holiday around 1600 - 1900 when the Anglican Communion Church started its Oxford Movement.

Christmas Preparations

Being that Christmas is recognized worldwide, everyone takes a break from work or other social activities just to celebrate it.

A lot of people begin their Christmas celebration on the eve, with a whole lot of activities. You see decorations, all sorts of meals, matching Christmas outfits etc. 

Regular preparations include Christmas lighting, trees etc. People then start getting their presents sets. A lot of planning usually goes into the Christmas preparations.

Christmas Day Celebration

On Christmas day Christmas carols are being played, some people go to church and then back to their families and friends to open gifts and merry

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Many individuals start their Christmas celebrations on the eve, with lots of events planned. You observe decorations, various cuisines, coordinated Christmas attire, etc.
Jingle bell Jungle bell Jingle all the way Mehnnn, I miss hearing this song, I can't believe we are already few days to December, it's definitely gonna be great a great Christmas 🎵🎵
Christmas is always a beautiful period. People travel home to stay with their families, people exchange gifts, and have lots of food and decorations everywhere. I actually do look forward to this year's Christmas, lets's see what becomes of it
Can't wait to experience another beautiful Christmas, the peaceful atmospheres. Christmas carol. exchange of gifts and visitations.
Where I come from, during Christmas period, people travel to their villages to see their grand parents and extended family members. It is always a great time seeing our loved ones whom we don’t see often
Christmas is a season when christians celebrate the birth of their lord and saviour. It is always an holiday to eat and be merry. People come home from wherever they went to to reunite with their families as it is also the end of the year.
Christmas: that time of the year when people cheerfully spend their money with reckless abandon in a bid to drown away all the stress they experienced throughout the year. After all has been spent and consumed, then comes January...
The celebration is cultural and is being celebrated by Christians all over the world, but there are differences in the manner in which different people celebrate.