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29 Oct 2022

There was a joke in the newspaper the other day.
wife husband
: "Shall I make you Uttappa?"
"No. I'm a fine human being. Here comes the big witch! Now here's a joke. Because the verb 'to make' doesn't belong there. It's just infiltrated our kitchens from the Hindi language. , there are different expressions for different actions like cooking rice, setting up a cooker; but nowadays all things are simply 'made'. In Marathi 'banawane' means 'to deceive', which is actually a root. So the monkey of a man and again the magician who makes a monkey man, No wonder the husband remembered the joke.Marathi idioms are the richness of our language. If we take the verb 'to beat' in Marathi, it is remarkable how many different ways it is used, such as chat, jump, clap, tickle, whistle, wallet, slap food, (swimming) slap. , killing me etc. Nowhere does 'marna' mean 'to kill'. That is the fun of language.Like phrasing, phrasing is also a special style of language. 'Khasta is not a food in eating kshata. Do you know this? Also the phrase 'take a throat bath' occurs in war news. Kanthasnan does not literally mean 'to bathe' below the neck. The difference between 'shoulder to shoulder' (collaboration) and 'shoulder to' (shoulder to corpse) should also be noted. If another verb is used instead of one, the meaning will be ruined. Many such examples can be given. For that, you should get used to using a dictionary. If you don't know that 'Akkalwan' means smart but 'Akalke Kanda' means 'Atishana', then you will not know who is really appreciating you or taking a spin.When using a verb, even if it is not known exactly which suffix is ​​to be added before the noun, the meaning gets confused. For example, the suffix is ​​important in put on and put on, to laugh at her (meaning to make fun of her) and to laugh with her (to laugh lightly). Nowadays suffixes are often misplaced in public ceremonies and channels. For example, 'to help you' should be 'to help you'. Instead of 'thanks to them', you should say 'thanks to them'.Many words are constantly occurring in a language, because it flows like a river. We have also continuously acquired many new English words related to computers. Marathi has adopted words from many languages ​​like Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, Kannada and English. The word 'table' is no longer foreign to us; But it is not appropriate to use words from other languages ​​and that too without Marathi grammar. What is the new meaning of 'Bhi Studi Keli'? Isn't it better to say 'I studied' instead?One way to learn the fun of language is to look up the etymology of words. From this we get a lot of prophetic information. The 'Mora' in the word 'Moramba' is not related to Peacock, but Morus means Sugar (Morus because the old black sugar used to come from Mauritius). It shows how far the words have spread due to their lineage.We say "to esteem". It is a phrase. We derive the word 'qadar' (meaning the judge of quality) from the Arabic word 'qadr'. Going to the root of the words, we do not make mistakes. For example, the name 'Anusaya' Rather, it is 'Ansuya'. 'An + amuga' is a chance in it. When you know that 'Anmuna' without Asuga (jealousy) in your mind, the word is firmly rooted in your mind. Also the word 'Jarajarjar', which comes from Sanskrit, means, 'The old man will fail. Done!' The pronunciation of 'j' in this is talavya (jya). But the pronunciation of 'j' in the word zar (a little), if (kalabut) is dental.such sounds would also have a meaning depending on the pronunciation. How do we pronounce words in language, with which letters do we break words. All these are important. How would it feel if the word 'Sutaktai' is written as "Sutak Tai"? Also, while writing the word 'Aksharash', is it correct to name a child as 'Akshar Shah'To find out the meaning of the saying 'Bangi in the Puranas', what is related to eggplant in all the Puranas?
Yes, this search will be a free enterprise! There was an original saying 'Bangi in the Puranas, Vangi in the Puranas means examplesBut 'eggplant' became 'eggplant' and we kept looking for things about eggplant! Such was the fujita.Sometimes the two terms are similar and confused For example,
1. The king loved art.

2. A piece of art was lying on the side of the accident site.
'Here in the first sentence the word 'kalebar' is the seventh declension of the word 'kala' and in the second sentence the noun 'kalevar' means 'corpse'. If we want to love our language, we should know such power places in the language. Correct languageRespect should be maintained. The Marathi language spoken at home is our mother tongue. she It has shaped our emotional life. It is supported to express your feelings. Be special with herThere should be an intimate relationship. For that, we should also acquire its knowledge.Our language is inside and outside of us like air. Its important place in life should be maintained. E.g. It is raining now. See how two sentences can give two responses to the event 'raining'.
1. San himself appreciated the forest festival by attending the caste. 2. As it rained in the morning, the route of my 'morning walk' got waterlogged.
Many such sentences can be made. It opens up prices. Language helps us to convey our feelings in a subtle way, so we will not forget that only after knowing its meaning, we will be able to say the words of Suresh Bhat's poem 'Labhale Amhans Bhagya Bolato Marathi...' in the true sense.
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