Emotional Quotient

19 Oct 2022

So I just figured out that there are people with low Emotional Quotient (EQ) . That is people that cannot easily or quickly process emotional situations or things related to emotions which makes them sound insensitive, narcissistic and annoying. Sometimes a low Emotional Quotient (EQ) could be gotten from training. There are certain types of military training that train you on how to shove your emotions as far deep down inside you as it can go. The deadliest group of military personnels undergo this training like the infantry and Special Ops in order for them to execute their duties without feeling anything humanly possible relating to emotions. One can also possess a low EQ as a result of a high IQ (Intelligence Quotient). People with very high IQ often have very low EQ which makes them sound very annoying while being smarty pants. People with Low EQ should be handled with care and tolerated a bit because they can't feel or process what every other human does.

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