PINNACLE, First NFT market place for Disney lovers.

16 Nov 2023

Disney is world wide known name of entertainment, amusement and excitement. This mass media Gaint is based in California, USA with full name Walt Disney. Disney celebrating its 100th birthday this year because it comes into existence in 1923.

Disney owning dream parks, magical world resorts , media houses, publication centers, TV channels and live streaming setups. In streaming media it Carries three main hubs , animation studio, Pixel and Starwars.

Pinnacle, A Dapper Land and Disney collaboration.
Dapper land is world famous brand in NFT creativity and marketing. It has great work under his banner like laLiga NFT, nbatopshot , crypto Kitties , hellodappers. Dapper land also collaborated with X and STEPHEN NFT projects with STN network.

Dapper Land initiated a collectible Pin (NFT) project for Disney. According to announcement Disney stepped in NFT market as create unique Pin collectibles for its users. These Pins will be available for users to collect during games , live streaming and on pass codes for dream parks. Collection of 100 unique characters with history of a century will be available and users will be able to collect buy tasks, buy from market place, sell directly to other users and mint in Market place.

What is Pinnacle.
Pinnacle is community driven social media point where pins ( NFT series) will be available on Flow blockchain. Users will get pins on purchase, exchange of points and on completing of tasks instantly. Users will be able to sell these collectible Pins on pinnacle to other users by P2P transaction and by minting too. Free pins will available in Disney games, star war streaming and live shows.

Dapper Land issued only testing version of pinnacle and validators are working on it. Once trail completed, it will be available for common users maximum by end of November. Initially it will be available for Android users and Apple store users will get it by end of the year.

To get more better view about Pinnacle, you can watch this video by The Collectibles,

Wait list .
Any one can join the wait list by entering the Gmail address. Once final beta version out for activity, you will be noticed to join and you will be part of Pin community as early birds. We know early birds who accumulate such unique digital assets in cheaper price can be worthy soon when price pumps. Just a example we seen just couple of days ago when ordinals listed on CEXs and price went skyrocket speed within hours. Exactly same thing possibly can happen with Pins because huge community of viewership with Disney brand is waiting for its arrival.
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