Crptocurrency and NFTs for real world transaction

19 Apr 2022

Crptocurrency and NFTs for real world transaction

In 2010 a man named Laszlo Hanyecz, purchased two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins which at the time was worth only 40 dollars. In todays market the amount is worth several hundreds of millions. This mere transaction may be insignificant at the time, but as of right now shows how the concept of cryptocurrency has sky rocketing and become very prominent in todays time. The real question is, how long until cryptocurrency will be used in day to day transaction? Whether it be to buy food, buy shoes or even cars, with the way cryptocurrency has developed, it is much more meaningful than just paying for some pizza with bitcoin just because at the time isn't worth much. This will influence real life exchanges heavily, as the value of cryptocurrencies is often based on it's popularity and how the users choose to influence their online worth with the world. It is not like how regular currency works such as the Australian or American dollar. Since cryptocurrency has very large fluctuations in it's value, it may be deemed as unreliable to use in formal transaction among businesses in the future, however may become legitimate for smaller scale transactions through private means. Will cryptocurrency take over the future of trades? Or will it continuously remain as just an online asset in which is popular around the world, but never used in commercial trade globally.

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I hope it was good Pizza. Does the Pizza shop still exist today?
the big what if moment... dont want to be that guy
Great post
Were they pepperoni? Worth it.
Johnson Chau
This is a great blog!
MBA ChitChat
I wonder where is Laszlo Hanyecz ? Rich or poor ?
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