21 Aug 2022

I watched as my younger brother got his diagnosis, we all cried 
Two years later I watched as my dad was diagnosed 
It wasn’t enough that two people were struggling 6 months later my mom was equally diagnosed. 

My older brother was out playing football when he suffered a fall and was rushed to the hospital and was equally diagnosed. 

I stared in horror as my turn finally came, the doctor gave an initial diagnosis,
the list was unending
It was as if being the last to be diagnosed with something I had to bear the brunt of everything.

Its been two months, I have difficulty breathing, I can barely form a sentence, I can feel the pain deep in my soul, my legs have failed me 
I’m dealing with both a visible and an invisible illness. 
I know I won’t get better, all I have to do is hang on until the day I take my last breath. 

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