14 Feb 2023

Well, in life you would always want to be a nice person, right?
This is kind of an autobiography of a friend. It's not easy going through life without a mentor or friend, especially someone who guards you as a friend and a brother without scolding or frowning you whenever you go to him for help.
He is always like a last life support, a saviour, a last hope. Well I have to give him credit for all he has done so far,I hope to get to the level I want to be by the time he is done. I keep praying for him too because such people are had to come by. I'm happy, Yes! I'm happy, you know it's been though to cope with this hard life but some people tend to make it very easy though.

Thank you Jude, although it doesn't stop me from pranking your sad ass whenever I feel like . It's been a fun ride so far.
Thank you brother.

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