Homelander: Origin, Power and Weakness

25 Jul 2022

Homelander is superhero and fiction character from The Boys universe . In this universe He  is often treated as GOD by many people and other superheroes and is one of the most probably strongest character in this universe.

Homelander has power like heat vision, super strength , super stamina, flight , super hearing and many others. Homelander is often referred as alien in this universe . People on Earth thinks He is adopted on Earth and was somehow fetched to Earth by some people. Moreover ,Vought make pool looks him like Superman origin. But later it's revealed that Homelander was from Earth and all his powers are based on Vought experiment.

Homelander is non fearing character but his main weakness is that he seeks attention from people . He wants people to love him. At some points , he helped people from threats so that they love him. But he is involved in some bad activities too.

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