I matter still

7 Mar 2023

My appearance is average,
My body shows signs of wear and tear, my face betrays my age, and I don't have the same amount of energy.

I forget things very easily, and I frequently misplace items.
I may have a plan one moment, but the next it might only cross my thoughts.

I make a concerted effort to avoid looking in the mirror.
Even when I barely catch a glance, I can no longer recognize myself since there are some things I would prefer not to see.

The activities I once performed without difficulty are now accompanied by aches and pains, and their quality will never be quite the same.

I constantly contrast my older self with those younger incarnations of myself, and I am aware that this is a waste of time since it makes me long for the past.

Yet despite what people may think, I'm still the same old me underneath my ragged, worn-out exterior. This is what really breaks my heart.

My heart still has a limitless capacity for love, yet it occasionally still hurts.
My heart has the capacity to overflow with happiness before abruptly breaking.

There are times when my light comes through openly and times when it yearns for freedom. My soul can still feel sympathy and yearns for peace and forgiveness.

It's true that getting older may make feeling lonely the norm, but it has also made me more prepared to forgive and put the past behind me.

Hence, I may appear to some as an elderly and ugly person who hardly exists.
I still see my inner beauty, and my worth should not be undervalued.

I'm still here and really want to live, despite the fact that I'm not as powerful or as attractive as I once was, and I'm aware that nobody else in the world is quite like me or has more to offer.

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