Is Thanos powerful without Infinity stones??

11 Jul 2022

With infinity stones, Thanos so powerful that he can do anythings accroding to his wills . But is he also powerful enough without using infinity stones.
The simple answer is YES . He was powerful to take down some of the superheroes but as strong as Thanso with infinity stones, Let's talk about it point wise.

1) He was Eternal which obviously tells that he is among powerful beings , not just a big powerless guy.
2)He is too intelligent that he can create so many tech-weapons and armors.
3) He almost defeated full armored Hulk in comics with one shots. In comics also ,The Drax which is extremely powerful was made just to defeat Thanos.
4)He onced used his cosmic energy aganist Galactus and he fell too far from his orginal standing places.
5) He survived full potentail Thor Mlojnir's Attack , silver surfer cosmic energy ray which could eventaully destroy planets and Black bolt sounds.
6) He has powers to absorb comsic energy and used that energy to create blasts so he can actaully fight agnists cosmic entity.
7) He has ability to flight , teleportation and telepathy ,mystic arts, energy manipulation and many others . But he is not too expertise.

Thus , Thanos without infinity gaunlet is also powerful enough and intelligent. In Marvel Comics  ,also he easily survived during his snap while Hulk was almost injured and IronMan didn't survive with his suits. He almost defeated and killed Thor , Captain America and IronMan without his army.

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