Mother's love part 1

1 Nov 2022

I gently put the sheet on Ishaan who was sleeping in my lap and just as I was about to get up from there, Ishaan started to squirm again. Seeing that he was still not sleeping soundly, I took him close again and started patting him. Because if I had got up from him now, Ishaan would have spread his hunger. Then the sound of his crying would have woken up both Appa and mother-in-law who were doing afternoon naps. Then due to lack of sleep, we do not get rest even in the afternoon, so both of them would have started murmuring, it would have continued till Viraj in the evening. So then I didn't want Viraj's mood to change, he got irritated. So I don't close the dining table until Ishaan is sound asleep. This has become my daily routine lately.

 We also have two rows of daily meals. Appa and mother-in-law would grow up first and then I would sit later with Ishaan on my lap. Because when we all sit together, I can't grow them both properly. back They don't like Ishaan's shouting in the middle, his behavior like quickly putting his hand in any pot. So, taking care of him, my food is a workout! Rather, I can afford to eat both of them first and then eat only with Ishaan on my lap. Ishaan's eyes are very sleepy till I feed him. But still he never sleeps until he is cradled in his arms. So I have to put him to sleep first by keeping the bed on the table. In that case, sometimes I think, I should give him directly to the mother-in-law and say, "Sleep with this in your lap too! He will sleep in two minutes! How do you still sleep with Isha in your arms at night? And you like a boy more than a girl. Then why do you act like this when this golden boy is in the house? Why don't you consider Ishaan as your grandson too?" I know both the question and the answer. Still, I think the mother-in-law should understand at least a little. If not for Ishaan, at least for me, there should be some compromise. Appa can understand if he behaves like this, but mother-in-law can't However, I do not agree with this. Because they are not very funny. When I got married to Viraj, she behaved very sensibly. We have been living together since last eleven years. But I don't remember when we both had a serious fight. Such discussions and arguments are bound to happen in this house! But they never let his quarrels happen. I also avoid straining, shouting for something as much as possible. And they don't have the typical mother-in-law. So I did not agree with his behavior towards Ishaan. Finally, while talking, I once said to Viraj, "Do you agree with this behavior of parents?" "So who are you talking about ?" "Whose is Ishaan's! They don't even let him walk near us. I feel so much! Isn't that strange?" “What a strange thing it is! She has increased our faith. And for Ishaan you are sitting in the house with special leave. Also your maid occasionally him takes care of Now that you are going to the office, mother will have to pay attention to him?" "Hey! They have already made it clear to me that they will not be able to take care of Ishaan. So for him, instead of keeping a woman like I had kept for Isha at home, he should be kept in a nursery. That said, I find it all strange." "Oh wow! Does she have to work hard for the rest of her life? She has done a lot so far. Now let her stay calm. And it is very understandable that the mother does not object to this new offering!" "Viraj, what are you talking about? Ishaan, do you feel weak?" "You think in English it is called a problem, but in Marathi we call it Lachand!" "But do you know its Marathi meaning?" And if Ishaan was your son or your sister's or brother's, would you have thought him a coward?" "Is there any point in arguing this if-then? And I don't even have that much time. Make up your own mind." This sentence of Viraj put an end to our discussion, he took time from his work It is true that it is not available. But doesn't he know that I can't solve Ishaan's problem alone? And say you decide! 
Everyone in the house shows such aloofness that this problem is only mine and I have to solve it, how did this happen? Moreover, what should I do to solve this question? Want to leave Ishaan in the wind? What to do if family members do not cooperate? Because I can't take care of him alone? How can take care of Ishaan on my own responsibility if I quit my job? And how to take care of him by working? It seems that Viraj wants me to be in trouble. Ever since Ishaan came to the house, everything in the house has changed. This one and a half to two year old boy came to the house. How come! I went and brought him. There was no movement except to bring. Because at some evil moment he became a child. Both his parents were in a car accident. At that time he had no one but me. And as he was the son of my elder brother, I brought him home. First one is me and my brother Neeraj, we are both siblings! As our father died when we were young, we were raised by our elder uncle. He did our education, I B. A. Later I got a good job in an English company after completing a steno-typing course. Neeraj's marks fell a little short in science in class 12th. But his drawing was good. He also appeared in two drawing exams. On his strength, he went to the College of Fine Arts and obtained the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts with first class. So he got a job in a good advertising agency. It was there that he fell in love with Enayat, who was working as a model, and decided to get married. But since Enayat is a Muslim, this interfaith marriage was not allowed in our house at all. But there was strong opposition from her home as well. Still they both got married. Of course, the marriage had to be registered.

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A mother's love is a powerful force that shapes the lives of her children. It provides them with the foundation they need to grow into healthy, happy adults, and it is a love that they carry with them for the rest of their lives. Mother's love is unconditional, protective, enduring and sometimes sacrificial.