21 Feb 2023

NFT has gradually become the most important element in the development of various sectors. For example, it can be used for artworks, collectibles, etc., as well as a production tool and a right confirmation tool in the GameFi sector. Of course, it can also be used as a symbol of rights and interests in DAO organizations and SocialFi.

Luart provide comprehensive support for NFT assets in the ecosystem, such as minting, trading, Launchpad, collection, and derivative profits. Although NFT trading platforms represented by OpenSea and others can meet users' basic NFT transaction and casting needs, it is difficult for a single function to further build derivative value based on NFT. Of course, it is difficult for many users to obtain further benefits by trading NFT.

Based on the existing NFT market model, Luart has further constructed an extension of the model, allowing users to obtain fun, rights and benefits while using the Luart platform. As an NFT distribution market, any project that issues NFT assets for the first time can receive early support, which will give endogenous momentum to the development of Terra's NFT sector.

Several main functions of Luart:


The Luart platform uses NFT trading as its main function. Whether it is collectibles, artworks or some game items, all of them will be able to be traded on Luart, giving these NFTs in the Terra ecosystem the depth of transaction liquidity, the overall transaction fee on the Terra chain is low and the interaction rate is better, which is another advantage that Terra gives to Luart. In addition to ordinary buying and selling, you can also auction NFT assets on the Luart platform, especially some widely recognized high-quality NFT assets, which can further enhance the potential value of the asset through auctions. Therefore, in terms of the richness of transaction functions, Luart is superior to other NFT trading markets. The Luart trading market uses $UST as the pricing unit of early NFT assets.


In addition to trading, Luart is also an early launchpad marketplace for NFT, which is becoming a major market for collectibles and artwork. Of course, many such NFT assets are difficult to be discovered by some potential investors in the early stage, which is not friendly to art creators. If Luart can act as the NFT artwork for such artists, Luart Launchpad can be used as an early bridge, and in this way, the distance between art workers and fans and potential investors can be further shortened. In this way, Luart also supports many NFT art creators on Terra.

In addition to some creators, Luart is also expected to create a launch board for some GameFi, DAO organizations, etc. to issue NFT assets for the first time. This function can be similar to Binance NFT's IGO to give some high-quality projects early support for NFT assets.

Blind box

The Luart platform includes NFT Boxes gameplay, which is a blind box gameplay similar to that introduced by platforms such as Binance NFT. NFT blind boxes have always been a hot spot in the industry, especially many high-quality blind boxes are hard to come by. The Luart team put a large number of carefully selected rare NFTs in the blind box in the NFT Boxes for users to obtain through crypto coins. Of course, the higher the box value of NFT Boxes, the higher the probability of opening high-quality rare NFT assets.

LUA Power LUA Power is the most important mechanism for the gamification of the Luart platform. Each use of Luart will get the LUA Power value, which is an immutable score based on the Terra chain. Users use the Luart platform to trade, auction NFT, and participate in the snap-up of NFT Boxes. , Purchase Launchpad NFT assets, etc. Any user who uses Luart and contributes to Luart can get an increase in the value of LUA Power (different behaviors may obtain different LUA Power), this Power will deeply track the user's participation on the Luart platform . Users will be able to observe the change of this value in real time on the LUA Power list.

LUA Power can be burned by users in exchange for purchases of NFT assets. For example, some NFT assets sold through Launchpad, or some scarce NFTs exclusive to the Luart platform, LUA Power holders can obtain further rights and benefits by spending or "burning" their LUA Power.

LUA Power is a mechanism for Luart to incentivize user behavior, and the Luart platform will further give LUA Power more functions and rights in the future.


In addition to minting and trading NFT assets, Luart also supports artists to display their art on their own websites, and through specific technical means, they are displayed on Luart in the form of a virtual space (metaverse pavilion), of course any Investors and collectors who are interested in such NFTs can collect on Luart, and based on this, it is expected to help them establish further business forms.

The Luart ecosystem uses $LUART as an ecological token and is used to incentivize users within the platform.

In the form of gamification, Luart further empowers NFT traders and investors with rights and incentives, and promotes the enthusiasm of these characters to trade NFTs.

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