Private Learning in Metaverse

17 May 2024

Imagine attending lectures in a virtual replica of your campus! Yonsei University in Seoul has partnered with LG Uplus to launch “Meta Yonsei,” a private metaverse experience for students and faculty.

Beyond a Virtual Tour
Unlike most public metaverses, Meta Yonsei offers more than just a digital sightseeing experience. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Private & Secure: Access is limited to verified students and faculty, fostering a safe and trusted environment.
  • Collaboration Hub: Built-in team meeting tools with virtual workspaces, video conferencing, and automated captioning enable seamless collaboration between students and faculty.
  • Preparing for the Future: Meta Yonsei helps students adapt to the modern workplace, where virtual tools and remote collaboration are commonplace.

Learning Goes Virtual
Meta Yonsei provides a unique learning environment:

  • Structured Interaction: Students and faculty can connect through virtual check-ins and supervised activities.
  • Large-Scale Events: The metaverse auditorium, mirroring the real-world counterpart, can host virtual events with up to 1,000 attendees, featuring guest speakers and experts.

A Step into the Future of Education
The Yonsei University metaverse paves the way for a future where education transcends physical boundaries, fostering collaboration and preparing students for the realities of the digital workplace.

Is your university ready to embrace the metaverse?

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