Community Building - AMAs

5 Jul 2022

In the crypto space, the community is a major part of the crypto project. As I would say, a project is just as strong as its community, so getting a great community is always part of the major concern of a crypto project. 

Building a community requires creating awareness through various means, and I will creating a series of community building campaigns employed by projects to ensure they are able to get to the right set of individuals 

The first on my list is the AMA which represents ASK ME ANYTHING

AMAs are mostly organized by projects to reach out to a large crypto based  community, it is one of the most popular means of creating awareness.

AMAs are also opportunities for people to ask questions and get clarified about a project's use case.

To make the AMA more fun, users with best questions are being rewarded with some tokens as a form of appreciation. 

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Community building is a major part of a project’s growth. We see a whole lot of project partnering just to ensure they expand their reach. AMA which is an acronym for Ask Me anything, is another wonderful way to promote a project. AMAs are definitely one of the best ways to build as communities reach
AMAs have proven to create awareness of a project. Project do AMAs to be able to reach more audiences Or larger communities as the case may be