The Finger Prints.

2 Nov 2022

Abhishek opened the door and Kamwala Rekha Mavi came in. As they came, they made their way to the pots waiting in the kitchen sink. Abhishek woke up late today. Sumit had come to them yesterday from Kanpur. Sumit means Abhishek's step brother, he is I. i. T. Was studying in Kanpur. Abhishek was watching his new project on Sumit's laptop along with chat since Sumit came yesterday evening. So it was two o'clock in the night. "What, you mop the floor and you make it dirty?" Snehal's voice came from the hall. Abhishek came into the hall while Rekhamavshi was mopping the floor; But behind them, the black mud of their feet appeared on the floor that had been wiped. Snehal, who was obsessed with cleanliness, was troubled by this. Rekhamavashi was also a Vichanya Varmalya.Avo, Snehatai, where am I sitting and working like this, lady. I have to work in the field! And the road to our village is covered with dirt. As soon as the dust comes under my feet. Where is the water to wash my hands and feet?"Sorry, aunty, really sorry, Snehal also somehow felt that we talked about their dirty money. She remembered their sandals, which were thin and torn at the heel. Sumit also woke up at the sound of Aunt Rekha's digging and came into the hall. He noticed the whole thing. Then Pavdekaka also came. Today, Baba And what kind of event was Pavedekaka going to. Snehal gave water to Pavedekaka. The attention of Rekhamavashi who was mopping the floor went to Pavdekaka's soles. Perfectly gojira, pink soles. No cracks or anything! 'Ekdam lonyagata paya hi kakancha', Rekhamavshi muttered to herself. She looked at her own feet.The attention of the great-aunts who were wiping the floor went to the paws of uncle Pavedekak. Very gojira, pink palm. There are no cracks or anything! 'Ekdam lonyagat pai hi kakancha', Aunt Rekha muttered to herself. He looked at his own feet...he had many cuts on his feet..they were blackened with dust. Abhishek-Snehal's dad also got ready and came to the hall.“Mama, I have created an app. With the help of that app, let us know how clean the feet are Can, said Sumit. "Sumit, hey, what's with the amp to tell if the feet are clean or not? Do you techno-savvy guys | have any suggestions other than amping anything? Oh, the heaviest amp is in the skull, have you guys forgotten?" Baba expressed his disdain for unwieldy technology."Mama, just kidding, look at my app... its name is Footprints", says Sumit, using his smartphone."From Sukhita Rekhama, whose leg Snehaldidi objected to...!" Snehal's face fell. She was angry with herself. Sumit opened the app in his android mobile and Rekhamavashi said something Sun Kili to ask questions.Aunty, where do you live?aid that hill-side aunt."How many kilometers is it from here?"How did you get here Last May I used to walk, but now my daughter gave me a bicycle. "Tawa now cycles", he added many more information. How many kilometers do you cycle on average in a week? How do you do this cycle? How many have you covered so far?Rekhamavashi sometimes cycled on foot! He had planted two trees near his hut. There was a gender among them, but why Sumit was taking all this information, no one knew. Aunty Rekha got very confused, "And now look, these are Aunty Rekha's footprints... Saying that, he pressed the mobile commerce button and a blue square the size of a foot pad appeared on the screen, just like a piece of sky! Two footprints appeared in the middle... covered in a silvery sheet and underneath there were words in English... 'Silver Footprints ! The Most Clean Footprints.Ba Pahylant Rekhamavishi's feet are silvery. Very clean, like Anya's crystal clear water," cried Sumit, "Ha ha ha ha ha ha bhala," said Pavdeka looking at Rekhamavashi's feet. Sumit lightly looked at Pavdekaka's gojiny palms and said, "Uncle, shall we see your feet?What do you want to see? Look how clean and soft my legs are...!" Pawdekaka feet to everyone said showing. "But let's see what your amp says," he added. Sumitan started filling the data of Pavdekaka in the app.
Uncle, where did you come from now?"
From the resort."
By car, of course
Twenty kilometers by car, you alone...!' Sumit's
Okay, but uncle, how much do you travel in a week?
Was it?
Oh, my office is 16 kilometers from my house. It is definitely 35-40 kilometers every day." And all this by car ... you are alone.Yes, if not, what do you say hang on the bus?" Uncle said angrily."Uncle, have you planted any trees?" We can't bring soil for these plants, uncle, why would they plant it?" Snehal immediately put on a straight drive. Sumit took some more information about Pavedekak and filled it on the app. Again the blue patch flashed and within a few moments, Pavedekak's footsteps appeared on that blue patch.Two black footprints. And below came the words"Sorry, you have dirtiest footprints. Perfect black footprints." Pawdekaka's face dropped. "What's the play?" Don't tell me such virtual things", Pawdekaka said angrily. Sumit looked at his angry face and said in a tone of understanding, "Sorry uncle but these steps are not virtual, on the contrary they are more real. Kaka, this app measures how much carbon we release in the atmosphere in our daily activities. In short, it draws your carbon prints from your lifestyle. They are not visible to the naked eye. Now you are twenty km. I. When you drive your car, you burn at least one liter of petrol, which means you release more than twice that amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere Something I don't understand," said the uncle.Uncle, this is a scientific fact. The amount of carbon you emit determines the black color of your feet. Rekhamavashi's daily life has no scope for carbon emission, so their feet are more beautiful, silvery than ours", Sumit was saying. "Bapper, we talk about dirtying the floor; but we are only polluting the atmosphere. How much carbon is stuck to our feet! We are contributing to global warming. Our earth is scorching with heat,"Sir, we talk about dirtying the floor; but we are only polluting the atmosphere. How much carbon is stuck to our feet! We contribute to global warming. Our earth is scorched by heat, we have to wash this carbon stuck to our feet. "I have decided, I will use a bicycle to go to college. I want my legs to be as silver as Rekhamavi's," said Snehal deeply.Abhishek was overwhelmed and said, "I have a bus stop right in front of the college. From today I decided to travel by bus only.Absolutely!" "Really guys, these days we have forgotten to walk, use a bicycle, even if we want to fetch vegetables from the corner, we kick the bike and pretend to do another morning walk for exercise. Traveling by bus feels inferior to us; But public transport is a must to reduce the carbon attached to our feet," said Abhishek's father.Aunt Rekha was listening attentively to everyone's speech. As he spoke, he gently wiped the soles of his feet on the floor with a wet rag. "Look, how easily Rekhamavashi wiped off our dirty feet", said Sumit.But we can't wipe off the footprints of our feet on the atmosphere so easily. We have to plant trees for that.... these green trees will lighten our dark feet a little," Sumit was saying full-heartedly. Let's keep running like this, be the men of the legs!" said Pawdekaka, and he felt the moonlight shining on the blue piece.

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